We’re awarding nearly $1 billion in INFRA grants.

Here’s what that looks like.

This week, we announced our intent to award $905.25 million in grants to communities looking to build the modern infrastructure Americans deserve. With 24 projects spread across 18 states, this funding is going to create new jobs, improve safety, combat climate change, and advance racial equity. Here’s just some of the projects we’re proud to be supporting.

Southport Berth Development and Port Expansion — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We’re anticipating awarding the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority $49 million to construct a new multi-use berth that will be used to accommodate roll-on/roll-off vessels. Located in a Federal Empowerment Zone, this project will spur economic growth for an area in particular need of employment opportunities.

Additionally, this project also helps the port improve their own disaster preparedness and resiliency in the face of major storms.

Northeast Georgia Inland Port — Hall County, Georgia

We’re anticipating awarding over $46 million to build a new container port in an unincorporated area of Gainesville, linking it to the Port of Savannah through a freight rail service. This creates jobs, cuts down freight travel times, and reduces vehicle miles traveled — a win for our climate!

West Seattle Corridor Bridges Rehabilitation and Strengthening — Seattle, Washington

Like many bridges across the country, the West Seattle High-Rise is in serious need of repair. That’s why we’re anticipating awarding over $11 million to get the bridge operating again.

But it doesn’t end there!

Seattle will prioritize the hiring of local workers living in economically distressed communities to make this happen. This is just one of the ways we’re being intentional about who we can empower through good jobs building infrastructure.

Dubuque Port and Rail Improvements — Dubuque, Iowa

The Gavilon Marine Port and Rail Facility at Dove Harbor terminal at the Port of Dubuque is anticipated to receive a $5 million award that will increase its capacity. That means more fertilizer and grain can be transported via rail and ship rather than truck. This project is also located in a Federal Opportunity Zone which means it benefits a community in particular need of economic support.

The Community Infrastructure and Resiliency Zone (CIRZ) — Los Angeles, California

Investing in safe infrastructure for people who walk and bike is important to connecting folks who don’t own a car to jobs and schools. It also supports these modes that are better for the climate. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our intention to award the Los Angeles Department of Transportation $18 million toward a safe street project that includes approximately 26 new traffic signals and leading pedestrian interval (LPI) signal enhancements at approximately 90 intersections.

This project has also conducted extensive outreach in historically Black and Latino communities to inform equity in project design and ensure alignment with various equity and sustainability initiatives in Los Angeles.


Again, these are just some of the projects we’re thrilled to be supporting through our INFRA grants and a single step in our work to build equitable, climate-friendly infrastructure across the country.

To learn more about our INFRA grants, visit our website!



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