Over the next 3 weeks, we will be taking an in-depth look at Destiny as guided by Bishop T.D. Jakes’ extremely popular sermon series.

Part 18 of 18

Time Stamp: 9:32–11:45

The enemy of our souls does not pull any punches. He only goes after the people he deems to be a threat. After all, what is the use in attacking something or someone that does not threaten you or have something you desire? There is a plot, plan, strategy, and reason behind the enemy’s attacks in our lives, and our destinies sit at the root of his reasoning.

When you arrived on this planet, you “landed” here with a purpose only you could fulfill in the manner God predestined. There will never be another you. There will never be a person who thinks, acts, and plans like you. Even if you have an identical twin, your twin only looks like you, and those looks come with their own set of differences. Both of you are markedly different from one another. At some point in time, both of you will face completely different circumstances that will reveal your individuality.

Seeing that your destiny is just as unique as you are, the enemy attacking you does not seem so farfetched. If you are the only one who can achieve a certain goal, it makes little sense to go after someone who is nowhere near your sphere of influence. If I wanted to affect you in some way, I would hit the things and people closest to you; not someone on the other side of the city.

One day, I noticed something about the enemy’s attacks. It dawned on me that, while I was pursuing God’s purpose for my life, the adversary would try to disrupt my stride with illness, stress, depression, strife, inner fears, past sins, and many other things. I wondered why. Then, it hit me: I must be doing something right. If I was involved with something that wouldn’t thwart the enemy’s plan, there would be no need for him to attack my faith and perspective through various avenues. The enemy’s presence and attention was a sign that I was on the correct path.

Perhaps you have been trying to get that book or script written, and you are distracted each time you plan to sit and knock out a few pages. Maybe, you’ve been battling some pains in your body each time you got the desire to get back in the gym and pursue that healthy lifestyle. There is surely someone who is trying to move forward with their lives but are continuously met with condemning voices that say, “You know what you did.” All of these things are examples of the methods and lengths the enemy would go to and employ to keep you distracted and prevent you from stepping into the realization of what you were born to do.

The enemy knows you have an assignment on your life that would shake the very foundations of hell itself. With that knowledge, why wouldn’t he come after your health? Why wouldn’t he try to disrupt your marriage? Why wouldn’t he try to tie you down with a dead-end job? Why wouldn’t he attack your finances when you’re looking to invest your money into something that would set you up to do all God has created you to do?

When you are focused and keyed in on the thing you were meant to do, you threaten the very gates of hell. But, not to worry. If you were sent here with a purpose — and you were — the attacks launched against you are just detours on the road to your destiny.

Get busy. You’ve got something to do.