DeHedge protects from risks* of $1 million worth of DeStream tokens

DeStream and DeHedge, the global blockchain hedging platform providing protection services for cryptocurrency projects, announce the signing of a $1 million token allocation contract. DeHedge fund will hedge risks for its customers towards DST tokens — the tokens DeStream is minting during its token sale which started on August 1, 2018. 
*With the help of DeHedge, DST token holders will receive protection in three following cases: project cancellation, token exchange rate instability and if a project turns out to be a scam.

DeHedge is the first company on the global cryptocurrencies market to have reached a comprehensive structure for securitizing contributions in the blockchain technologies sector. The company aims to become a hub of interest for fund clients by providing protection from several kinds of risks.

DeHedge evaluated the DeStream’s ICO using a proprietary scoring model developed in collaboration with one of the largest consulting companies via an unbiased and complex algorithm, assigning each project a risk and a viability score. The contributors’ protection is based on the DeHedge’s smart contracts making their financial stability beyond questioning. Being a blockchain project, DeHedge uses smart contracts programmed to automatically pay out in case of a risk event.

“DeHedge provides a pillar of stability on the high volatile cryptomarket. People seeking to join the ever-growing token market now can be certain of the safety of their contributions. We found a robust partner providing the high DST token value for its customers”, — says Tachat Igityan, a co-founder and CFO of DeStream.

“There are so many attractive ICOs on the crypto market now. However, due to the lack of government control, bylaws, and regulations, it is difficult to distinguish a high quality project to join in. It is crucial to provide the tools to reduce risks and to ensure the safety of buyers’ contributions. Our mission is to develop the crypto economy and protect market players from risks by providing them with the necessary instruments to continue growing and developing the promising market. We are happy that the DeStream project has joined our mission”, — adds Mikhail Chernov, the founder and CEO of DeHedge.

The solid backing provided by DeHedge is certain to attract the attention of contributors who need serious protection when choosing their business ventures. Now among the proven projects is DeStream — the first decentralized global financial ecosystem for streamers. DeStream global platform will support sophisticated add-ons that allow advertisers to reach streamers’ services, viewers to request more diversified actions from streamers, and streamers to get the revenue from both categories with much fewer commissions. That will help streamers to focus on creating high-quality content. The advantages of the DeStream ecosystem are not only the sufficient savings on the hefty nowadays commissions thanks to the blockchain technology but the security provided by smart contracts within the platform, the advanced advertising features based on Big Data analysis algorithms, and an internal marketplace. The last one will allow streamers to buy necessary equipment and other goods by DST tokens which the project is minting.

In its mission to enhance the financial arrangements in the live streaming industry, DeStream initiates a token sale with an intention to use funding for building a feature-rich platform for streamers with low commissions by utilizing decentralization and blockchain technology.

Kicked off until July 1, 2018, DST token closed presale campaign offers bonuses up to 50%. The immediately following public token sale starts with a soft target of $5.5 million worth of swaps, and a $12 million Hard Cap. The project will mint 6 000 000 000 tokens with 3 600 000 000 of them allocated for the sale. The price of 1 DST is $0.006. All unsold tokens will be reserved for Mining Reward according to consensus.

About DeHedge

DeHedge is a platform that implements such type of protection on the cryptocurrency market as hedging. Hedging instruments have been used for centuries to protect investments on financial markets. Hedging is a risk management method used to protect your capital against unfavorable market changes. DeHedge offers protection on acquired project tokens. The elimination of uncertainty, currently prevalent on the newborn blockchain market, is the greatest asset that DeHedge seeks to capitalize on and achieve by emerging as a safety cushion for all potential market players who have yet to realize the great benefits and untapped opportunities available in promising blockchain projects.

You can buy DeHedge tokens via this link: