Jason Fletcher joins DeStream as Advisor

The DeStream project is delighted to announce that Jason Fletcher has joined the project as an Advisor and will be granting his extensive experience to the development of the platform.

Jason Fletcher is a marketing and events director who has extensive knowledge across all key marketing activities, product, marketing and sales. He is a highly experienced, motivated Marketing Manager with a comprehensive career within the retail and consumer market. Jason has a proven record for development and implementations of marketing strategies in the UK for a brand leading company.

Jason’s previous experience of working as a Director of Marketing at Twitch makes him the ideal candidate to promote the DeStream project. With in-depth knowledge of the streaming market and being a dedicated adherent of the future media, Jason is determined to lend his efforts to the development of the revolutionary platform and usher in a new era of convenience and quality content creation for the new generation of viewers and their idols.

DeStream has a vision, which is to develop an infrastructure that will simplify the process of creating content for talented streamers, allowing them to interact with viewers and conduct financial transactions, thus becoming an integral part of this market that is slated to become the main source of content for the next generations. In fact, DeStream is striving to transform this sector of the economy and take it to a new level of development. Together, we will be able to discover and foster new talents with various creative backgrounds, since the main problem of talented people is the lack of money for promotion.

The advantages DeStream offers over existing resources are beyond anything streamers could have dreamed before, and include such features as a single access point for streamers/viewers/advertisers, a significant decrease of transaction costs (up to 0.77%) and the possibility of paying for streaming platform services directly through the DeStream platform. Other advantages include the use of a single overlay hub and the possibility of creating individual smart contracts with unique algorithms for advanced users, as well as the possibility of trading virtual items in the domestic marketplace and on affiliate platforms. DeStream is striving to provide enormous opportunities for the integration of streaming platforms, ensuring their development and extension of their functionality, as a single gateway for accepting any cryptocurrency will simplify conversion to any available currencies, while smart contracts will ensure the implementation of the terms of transactions.

The DeStream project is delighted to welcome Jason onboard the team and is certain that his addition to the Advisory Board will prove to be an invaluable addition to the project.