Salina Bo joins DeStream as Strategy & Finance Advisor

Salina Bo

The DeStream project is delighted to announce that Salina Bo has joined the project as an Strategy & Finance Advisor.

Salina Bo is entrepreneur and multi-asset blockchain investor. She has spent over 20 years in top level management overseeing and directing a range of companies through empowering innovation and forward planning. Has successfully listed a number of her companies on various stock exchanges worldwide. Has a very high astute level of experience in launching companies effectively by fostering longstanding retail/institutional and governmental relationships worldwide.

  • CEO and founder of Sinotex p&d company ltd, export and manufacturer of Sinotex United Corp. Ltd. (listed on the Chinese stock exchange).
  • CEO of China Spring Import and Export Company Ltd.
  • CEO of Ecopel — Fashion designing company in Shanghai Haixin Group (listed on the Chinese Stock Exchange)
  • Purchase Director of B&Q in Kingfisher group, top 500 enterprises (Listed on the FTSE UK stock exchange). Blockchain focused MBA at Oxford University. Cantonese, English and Spanish

The DeStream project is delighted to welcome Salina Bo onboard the team and is certain that her addition to the Advisory Board will prove to be an amazing addition to the project.