Stars from across the street

We love a good show.

We love concerts and performances, television and movies. For thousands of years we have been visiting theaters, for more than a century we have been going to the cinema, and television has been entertaining us for a few decades now. But in the last few decades, technology has spawned such a phenomenon as streaming.

The show has become personal and interactive. Shows are no longed created by pros, but by ordinary people, sincere and open in their attitudes. They do what they can, they recount their tales, and they know that we, their loving audience, understand them.

They do it for us. We are their fans and their judges, their fans and their critics. We are able to appreciate and understand them, we are even capable of loving them, and all this makes them our friends.

We interact with these new friends, we criticize them, we praise them. We help them develop and keep them from straying off the path of righteousness. And they listen to us, study our needs and try to give us what we need. We need each other, and we are getting closer as our bond grows only stronger.

But the show remains a show, despite having undergone so many metamorphoses.

They perform and we watch, they work and we relax, they spend and we give back. Spectators and artists, successes and failures are the main components of a show that have been perfectly preserved! Applause has acquired a material form and has taken on the form of donations, and the stars are now our friends, and they live right across the street.