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DeSyn Protocol Beta 1.0 Version Test Faucet Tutorial

DeSyn Protocol Beta Version is available for testing!

  1. DeSyn Protocol Beta version testnet URL is:

2. Testnet Faucet Withdrawal Tutorial (Video Version)

3. Beta version demo(Video)

If you have any questions and suggestions during the test, please feedback in our Discord channel:

Beta Description

1. The beta version is only deployed on the Ethereum chain. Next, it will be deployed on multiple public chains

2. At present, our ETF products are deployed on the Kovan test network, so we can’t get a real and continuous price trend chart, so the chart shows the simulated price

3. In the beta version, only 20 currencies are supported. These currencies are analog currencies, not real digital currencies. Please do not use them elsewhere.

*Noe: please remain some test ETH token for your gas fee, and you can get there:

step 1

Go to the page: 0x89621b696459370459404B1eafB6c415c84EdBC2#writeContract

Step 2

Connect to Web3 and Click the【5. withdraw】button, then click 【Write】to confirm in the MetaMask.

Step 3

After the transaction is completed, you can get 1000 of each test coin. In order to check the balance of the token, you can import the relevant token smart contract address to MetaMask.

Attachment: test token smart contract address


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About DeSyn Protocol

DeSyn Protocol is a DeFi protocol that allows users to create and trade pools-based assets such as ETFs/Portfolios, levered assets, and more via smart contract. Additional features include multi-asset liquidity pools, dynamic routing AMM, coupled with a super easy interface, and carefully designed platform tokens inside our economic model, which leads to evolutionary success.

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A decentralized asset management protocol in Web 3, which allows users to create and manage customized pools-based portfolios with a variety of on-chain assets.