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The Ecosystem of Test Automation

Avoid bad bugs to keep catching good bugs!

Characteristics of a sustainable test automation garden

  • Good bugs in the software
  • Bad bugs in the test
How can atomic, independent and descriptive tests help to avoid bad bugs and catch good bugs?
Examples of focus and goals to test for a unit, API and GUI test
A GUI test scenario to automate: how many dependencies do you see?
  1. User logs in via a 3rd party authorization service
  2. User fills and sends a new request
  3. The request is processed by a second external service
  4. The request is assessed by a third external service
Use cutting-hedge technology to trim your GUI test scenario and attract good bugs!
An approved request based on the response you see ‘under the hood’
  • … serves as living documentation
  • … provides insight in functional test coverage
  • … builds the confidence in quality assurance
For a technical test like these with Jest or JUnit, I start the test with ‘should
For a GUI test like this one in TestCafe I start the test with ‘user sees
Look at these Gherkin scenarios, which one do you prefer?



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