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Dai Delivered? Five Stars! Dether’s New and Improved Reputation System is Here.

We’ve added a new reputation system that allows you to rate and leave comments on Dether trades and businesses on the Dether Map.

From Facebook Pages, to Google Maps, rating services have become an integral part of our consumer experience. Rating and review systems help patrons to select shops and businesses that best meet their needs, and can give an extra boost to those providing exceptional services.

With the launch of the new Dether app, we’re happy to now add a decentralized rating system to the list of available features to Dether users. Previously in the beta app, the rating system was based on the number of trades and volume. Now, we’re shifting to a more qualitative rating mechanism, while still retaining a decentralized system.

Crypto buyers will now have the opportunity to rate their crypto buying transaction from 1 to 5 stars, as well as leave comments about their experience. Before entering into a trade with someone, users can check comments and reviews left by previous buyers with that seller or shop owner, using a decentralized reputation system based on each user’s Ethereum address.

Why have a reputation system?

Help keep users safe

A rating system and reviews helps identify serious sellers and shops, just like any marketplace. Users can have greater peace of mind, knowing a seller has good reviews.

Provide an environment for serious trades

Much like the staking system, the rating system help foster serious trades.

Grow sellers trade networks by amassing positive feedback

Like a business, growth is fostered by positive feedback and good reviews. Reviews are left by users are visible on the seller’s or shop’s card, chronologically ranked. The date of when the review was created is also visible to verify when the seller or shop owner was active.

How does it work?

The only thing you need to leave a review or feedback is the Dether app installed on your phone. You don’t need any crypto in your wallet to leave a review.

When going to a seller’s businesses card on the map, simply click on “Reviews,” and you’ll be able to leave a review or check the reviews left by other users.

The system is designed for both Dether sellers visible on the map (to review a transaction after you have carried out a trade with a seller) and for shops and businesses (to make sure everything went smoothly during the transaction).

After you have sent your review, you are still able to edit it using the same wallet in your Dether app. The reputation of a seller on the map or a shop owner can evolve over time if, for example, you’ve dealt with a seller multiple times and notice a change.

if you’re a seller and you delete your point of sale from the map to create a new one, your reputation will still be visible on the new point of sale’s card. As the reputation is linked to your Ethereum address and not as a point of the map, your reputation stays with you, creating more integrity for trades.

Leave your first review on the Dether app here!




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