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Dether App Tech Update #6

In this update, we’ll be covering what’s new in gas prices, AirSwap integration, app settings, and more.

Daniel and Mohamed work on coding the last elements of the app before launch

While AirSwap integration has been our biggest goal prior to launch, we’ve also made it a priority to improve existing features, in order to deliver the best possible app to you. Here’s a look at some of the features we’re working on, and issues we’ve resolved along the way.

You can now set your own gas prices

In previous versions of the app, users weren’t able to choose their own gas prices. As a consequence, when the Ethereum network was congested (as it was recently), it was impossible for buyers and sellers to easily trade without having to wait a long time before adding a point of sale on the Dether map or sending funds to the buyer.

We’ve also developed the option for users to adjust gas prices thanks to a gas price gauge, with a baseline set according to ETH Gas Station. While this price listed on the ETH Gas Station will be the recommended price suggested in the app, you can raise or lower it as you see fit. Setting your own gas price also gives you more control over how quickly your transaction will be carried out. This also solves the problem of not being able to adjust your gas price when there’s additional congestion on the Ethereum network, which was a problem in recent weeks.

Ether to Erc20 Exchange Feature

With the AirSwap protocol integrated into Dether, users can easily exchange ether to ERC20 tokens and vice versa. One of the challenging aspects of the AirSwap integration was making the exchange of WETH (or “wrapped ether”) to ETH seamless for users.

Because the ERC20 standard was developed after the existence of ETH, it doesn’t actually conform to its own ERC20 standards. Luckily, ETH can be “wrapped” into WETH and traded for any ERC20 compliant token. AirSwap is configured for the exchange of ERC 20 tokens, so users who carry out an exchange on AirSwap are actually first exchanging their token into WETH, and then to the token of their choice.

In the DEX protocol, in order to facilitate token-to-ETH transactions, ETH needs to be an abstract token for the trade. When selling a token on AirSwap, the buyer actually receives WETH (wrapped ETH) . To avoid confusion, our development team has abstracted this layer, automating the transfer of WETH in ETH directly after a trade token, making the process seamless for Dether users, with no need to complete two transactions. With the integration of the AirSwap protocol into the exchange feature nearly complete, all that’s left to do is run some final tests!

Improved settings and user support that can do it all

The team has updated the app’s settings, and added many new options and possibilities. Users can now:

  • Log-out of the app in order to relaunch it
  • Visit the app FAQ, where you can find an index of important questions, without ever having to leave the app
  • Submit a “user experience” form in order for us to get your feedback about the app
  • We’ve also integrated Zendesk’s Support solution into the Dether app to resolve potential support issues. This will make it easier to solve potential hiccups, without saturating our communication channels.

Bug corrections:

  • We’ve corrected a bug where two shops were shown on the Dether map when there was actually just one
  • QR code scanning with iOS and Android latest versions
  • The amount of ether a seller is willing to sell is now visible on their public profile, making it easier to find a seller whose margins fits your needs

User experience improvements:

  • Email input during the onboarding process to automatically receive via email the Ethereum address used to create or import your wallet on Dether
  • There is now a geolocalisation button when creating a point of sale
  • There is now a password recovery process through Zendesk, in case a user forgets the password they used (Reminder: we CANNOT recover your backup phrase, as this information is not stored centrally on the app).
  • There is now an account recovery process through Zendesk, in case a user has already completed the onboarding process with their phone number, and tries to do it a second time using the same phone number

Other key additions

Many of you asked for the ability to go back to the previous page in the onboarding process. We are happy to report that this correction has also been integrated, so you can now go backwards in the app if you need to correct your contact details or phone number.

Finally, we’ve integrated a blockchain-based data solution that allows us to keep track of all the data from the smart contract. This means, among other things, that the team will have a visual dashboard, where they can see the number of Dether trades that are happening each minute.

We hope you enjoyed this update, and that you’re more excited than ever for the app launch! Don’t forget to sign-up for early access today, so you can get a Dether license and become the first Dether seller in your area!

Plus, we’ll be hosting a Live Telegram TechTalk AMA, Friday, August 10 at 11:00 am CEST. Join us and you can speak exclusively with Dether co-founder and Technical Lead, Mehdi Amari. Be sure to tune in!




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