Dether Kicks Off World Tour in Zurich and Kiev

Plans to meet potential users and early adopters across the globe!

Eddy Travia, CEO of Consilium, and Mehdi Amari, Dether’s cofounder, in Kiev at D10e Conference on Decentralization.
Destination 1: ICO Summit, Zurich 🇨🇭

After the warm reception of our recently-released white paper, the Dether team has begun our whirlwind tour of cities across Europe and Asia!

We first attended the ICO Summit in Zurich, Switzerland, held on September 15. There, we had the opportunity to pitch Dether to investors and blockchain enthusiasts, and interact with our growing community. Presentations at the event focused on the importance of decentralization; a concept, which is at the very heart of Dether’s mission.

The team was able to exchange with serial entrepreneurs and authors, as well as investors from India and Russia. The latter expressed a strong interest in Dether, due especially to the status that cash continues to hold in these two regions.

Destination 2: D10e Conference on Decentralization, Kiev 🇺🇦

At the d10e Conference in Kiev, Ukraine, held on September 19, we took to the main stage for the ICO Pitch Competition, pitching Dether to an audience of nearly 300 people, and a panel of judges composed of some of the most influential figures in blockchain investment.

Dether’s pitch finished in the top ten of the audience voting competition, illustrating that Dether is primed to disrupt the future of money and blockchain. During the event, our co-founders had the opportunity to interact with Dether’s growing international community, and to gain valuable insight into the wants and needs of Dether users. Many users who are already a part of the Dether community had the opportunity to try our alpha, and were thrilled with its performance.

Throughout their tour, the team has benefitted from meetings with prominent investors and VCs, as well as other successful project founders, such as those of Aeternity and Flixoo.

The world tour is part of Dether’s go-to-market strategy, in which the team plans to travel and exchange with a maximum number of potential Dether users. This plan is crucial to not only reach these otherwise untapped markets, but to also identify specific needs in each region, related to economic, legal, and even cultural factors.

The team will be in London, September 25–26 for the World Blockchain Forum; in Zug, Switzerland, October 3d for the Crypto Valley Meetup and in Amsterdam, October 4th, for Bitcoin Wednesday. A possible Asian tour is in the works for the end of October.

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