Dether releases White Paper on how to break barriers to Ethereum mass adoption.

Hi everyone,

Today is a big day. The Dether team is incredibly happy and excited to release Dether’s white paper!


1/ Publishing Dether’s white paper before releasing the alpha version.

As you may know, the Dether team has been working hard for months to build the world’s first mobile Dapp that enables anyone on Earth to buy ether using cash and spend it at physical stores. Dether’s alpha version will soon be available, allowing people from all over the world to trade cryptocurrency using cash.

But before releasing Dether’s alpha, we wanted to take some time through this white paper to lay out our vision and our roadmap and to give you more details about how Dether will be built, in order to be a fully decentralized solution available anywhere, anytime.

2/ What’s in it?

This white paper first underlines the current and future issues faced by billions of individuals at a moment in history when Ethereum adoption, and more globally, blockchain technology adoption, is more than a buzzword.

Then, it presents the core principles of the decentralized mobile application that is Dether, its adequate features to make it a worldwide success and the use of the ÐTH token, which will be used to construct the Dether ecosystem.

We then present a market study, the conclusions of which stress the time to market accuracy, along with a presentation of the market to be addressed and its targets (from early adopters, to the late majority) as well as Dether’s city-based, go-to-market strategy.

Finally, it details the legal and technical aspects of Dether, according to the different series of releases that will take place. The alpha version that will be released in September 2017 is the first step towards the release of a fully decentralized solution planned for 2021.

3/ An upcoming bounty program.

We wanted to thank everyone who has helped in the release of Dether’s white paper. For this first version, we’d be thrilled to have everyone’s feedback. We’re also happy to announce that we’ll be releasing a bounty program for the translation of a shorter version this white paper, in order to spread global awareness of Dether.

Download Dether’s white paper

Thank you again for your support!


The Dether team