Dether Update #4: The Final Countdown Before Personal App Release and New Website

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May 10, 2018 · 5 min read

From new partnerships to new recruits, and an upcoming new website, here’s the latest in the Dether universe!

Looking for bright new recruits

The Dether team is continuing its mission to find new talent in development, marketing and communication, and more! We’ve met so many wonderful candidates so far, and we can’t wait to introduce you to our growing team in the very near future.We have a variety of positions both in Gibraltar and with remote possibilities. If you’re interested in a position, you can still apply here.

Meet Alex, map expert extraordinaire

Speaking of new members, the Dether team is excited to to welcome Alex Kurth to the crew!

Blockchain engineer and geospatial expert, Alex is the ace of maps. Having worked on several blockchain projects as an engineer, as well as a geodata engineer on mapping and geolocation applications, most notably the French route planning and address guide application Mappy, he is able to understand the complex issues that building a map in conjunction with Ethereum entails. He is currently heading up our research and development for any and everything related to future aspects the Dether map system, especially zoning — one of the most exciting (and complex) aspects of the map that we will discuss in an upcoming article. Even outside of work, Alex is passionate about educating people about the power of Ethereum. He’s the co-founder of Asseth, an association which helps non-experts learn about Ethereum. Welcome, Alex!

Heading towards a brand-new website

The Dether website is getting a major overhaul! Our designer, Romain, has been hard at work the past few weeks in order to redesign the website and logo, and give Dether a cleaner, sleeker feel that better captures our message and our mission. A select few Dether users have already had the chance to try out a mock-up of the new website, and were impressed by its new feel.

“What we want is to better target our users and really show off our product,” said Romain. “Now that the token sale has successfully taken place, we’re no longer focusing on convincing people that Dether has potential, but instead on the power of the app. This new website will be coherent with our mission to foster mass adoption, and will present important information for both the personal app and Dether for Shops in a way that both experienced users and non-experts can easily access.”

A sneak peak at what’s to come!

The new site will aim to better target users, and focus on the future of Dether. It will also breakdown the utility of the DTH token and include important technical information for sellers.

Personal App to be released at the beginning of June

A look at the soon-to-be released personal app

Our development team is happy to announce that the personal app should be released at the beginning of June! All of the small bugs reported during the bounty program have been resolved. As a reminder, the sell and exchange point features of the app will be released on a roll-out basis to limited countries first, and expand worldwide as we take into account the legislation pertaining to each region.

Working with Alex, the development team will eventually be able to refine aspects of the physical map and the smart contracts associated with it, which we will detail in an upcoming article (so stay tuned!)

The technical aspects of the personal app are looking great, and we’re counting down the days until we release it to you.

A look at our most recent partnerships and upcoming events

Since our last update, the past few weeks have been downright busy, with new partnerships, listings, and events popping up left and right.

  • We partnered with MakerDAO, the creator of Dai, the decentralized stable digital currency.

Our teams have been working together over the past few months in order to bring the value and power of stable tokens to retailers and individuals worldwide.The partnership will make it simple for users to easily switch from any cryptocurrency to Dai. MakerDAO shares our vision of bringing a decentralized stablecoin, Dai, to solve volatility issues that are currently preventing blockchain technology from being adopted worldwide.

The Dai will be included in the Dether App

By partnering together, DTH and DAI will break the barriers to blockchain and crypto adoption, enabling any individual or shop owner to easily switch from any cryptocurrency to a stable token stabilized against the value of the U.S. Dollar, and vice versa.

MakerDAO and Dether come together to bring Dai to everyone
  • We gave our first public appearance as a member of BSIC at a Paris Meetup, and addressed the many ways in which Dether could help non-profits across the globe.
The future of Dether for non-profits with the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition
  • Prior to that, we held a meetup at our headquarters in Gibraltar, where we had the opportunity to meet new Dether supporters and do a live demo of the Dether personal app!
  • The DTH token was listed on Bitfinex and Ethfinex (much to the delight of our Telegram community)!
DTH on Bitfinex and Ethfinex
  • Our big upcoming headline is our participation in the Oslo Freedom Forum! We are deeply honored to be a part of this year’s forum. As part of the Tech Lab and Interactive Expo, we will be participating in the panel, “A New Lifeline for Non-Profits at Risk,” alongside ConsenSys Social Impact leaders Ben Siegel and Ariana Fowler and MakerDAO CEO Rune Christensen.

In the meantime, we want to work to improve our team outreach, starting with hosting a series of AMAs with our co-founders, to allow you to ask live questions about the project and our vision. Stay tuned for details!

— TL;DR —

→ Are you a full stack JS developer? Have other talents? We want YOU!

→ New Dether team member, Alex is bringing his magic to the Dether map

→ New website around the corner

→ Personal app to be released beginning of June

→Partnership with MakerDAO

→ DTH listed on Bitfinex and Ethfinex

→ Upcoming participation in Oslo Freedom Forum

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