Dether’s Bug Bounty Program (Beta Testing)

Apr 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Looking to test Dether’s Personal App? Interested in making the app better by reporting bugs? Now’s your chance, with our Bug Bounty Program!

Why a Bug Bounty Program?

In order for the Dether app to perform at maximum capacity, we need to gather as much feedback on the current version. Therefore, we invite all of you to test the app and review our code, thus improving Dether’s mobile app in terms of features and user experience. In return, our bug bounty program will compensate the community for discovering issues that could potentially impact the security and performance of Dether’s solution.

Program Details:

With this beta testing, you’ll be able to test the following aspects of Dether’s solution:

1/ Dether’s Personal App on Ethereum test net:

IMPORTANT NOTE: as reminder, Dether’s Personal App is a mobile app (Progressive Web App) that you can install using Safari (on iOS) or Chrome (using Android). Please, do NOT send real Ether or DTH to your wallet, it runs on Ethereum Ropsten test net with a faucet included within the app so you can use it with Ropsten ETH and Ropsten DTH.

2/ Dether for shops on Ethereum main net:

3/ Dether contract (code):

4/ Dether JS (code) (coming soon)

5/ Dether Web 3 (code) (coming soon)

The bug bounty program runs from the publication of this post through April 30.


Our team will assess each submission individually and assign a level of severity according to its plausibility and impact to the security and performance of Dether’s solution. Compensation will depend on the severity of the issue found.


  • Critical: the equivalent of 5,000 USD in DTH
    A critical bug is a bug that would enable stealing of funds, loss of funds, or permanent disablement of a contract/app.
  • High: the equivalent of 1,000 USD in DTH
    A high bug significantly affects the ability of the contract/app to operate.
  • Medium: the equivalent of 250 USD in DTH
    Medium bugs entail an issue regarding the contract/app not operating as it was designed.
  • Low: the equivalent of 50 USD in DTH
    Low bugs are less significant errors such as a send being able to fail without throwing.
  • Informational: the equivalent of 10 USD in DTH
    Informational errors have no impact on the operation of a contract/app but should be brought to attention, such as a comment not matching the updated code.

As a reminder, all bugs are rewarded at the sole discretion of our team using the severity model.

NB: You’ll be rewarded only if you report a bug which has not been reported by someone else before.

Please report bug bounty submissions here.

Moreover you can follow of the progress of the bugs found here (we will update the sheet every 48 hours).

For further information, please visit Dether’s website. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our special bug bounty Telegram.

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