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How to get DTH on ForkDelta

We are very excited to announce that DTH has officially been listed on the ForkDelta Decentralized Ethereum Exchange. Here’s how to get DTH just in time for our upcoming launch!

At Dether, decentralization is always at the heart of everything we do. It’s why we’ve built the app as a PWA (progressive web app), why we don’t take any fees on any Dether trades, and why there’s no middleman involved in the fiat-to-crypto trade process. Because decentralization is our focus, we are thrilled to be listed on ForkDelta, an exchange that shares our vision.

ForkDelta is a decentralized trading platform that lets you trade ether and Ethereum-based tokens directly with other users. ForkDelta (a fork of EtherDelta) offers many ERC20 tokens for trade, and is constantly adding more. You can link your MetaMask or Ledger wallet to trade against ETH and get ERC20 tokens, like DTH. Trades on ForkDelta take place on the smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

How to use ForkDelta to get DTH

Users familiar with EtherDelta will find the ForkDelta exchange very familiar.

  1. Access ForkDelta. In the top righthand corner, select the option to import a wallet or to create a new wallet. You can import a MetaMask or Ledger wallet. You can also use your private key and address. If you’re not importing a wallet, you’ll need to create a new wallet. If you’re creating a new wallet, you can go right to step 3.

2. Once you enter your wallet information, you will be prompted to refresh ForkDelta.

3. If you have an account on an exchange such as Coinbase (without private keys) you can generate a new account with a new address and private keys, which you can then save and use as your ForkDelta compatible wallet. From there, send your ether to your newly generated address. Once deposited, you can exchange that ether for other ERC20 tokens listed on the ForkDelta site.

4. Once you have imported your wallet or created a new account, you will see your ether balance on the lefthand side of the site. Gas prices and other account information can be adjusted in the righthand-side menu (suggested gas is between 40–60). You can deposit ether here and see your updated balance.

5. Next, you’ll need to locate the DTH token. Under “Volume” on the lefthand side of the site, search “DTH.”

6. You’ll see buy prices (listed in red) and sell prices (listed in green). Click on your “buy” price and review your order information before clicking “buy.” Your transaction address will then be displayed. You can track your order on EtherScan.

7. To get your DTH into your wallet, withdraw the amount of DTH you wish to send to your wallet on the lefthand side of the site (you will receive another transaction ID). Once completed, your DTH should now be in your original MetaMask, Ledger, or newly generated wallet.

8. If you receive an error during the buy process, you may have pending transactions (pending transactions cannot be stacked on ForkDelta). If this is the case, try adjusting your gas price.

(Please note that a new order is a passive limit order. Aggressive orders are only completed by clicking the “buy” and “sell” prices in red and green.)

With your DTH in your wallet, you’re now ready for Detherization! Stay tuned, the Dether app launch is coming soon! Are you already signed up for early access?

==> If not, don’t forget to sign up for early access here, and be the first to list yourself on the Dether Map! Early access users will get enough DTH to list themselves as a seller on the Dether Map.




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