Introducing Dether’s Advisory Board

Today, we are pleased to introduce you Dether’s Advisory Board composed of William Mougayar, Eddy Travia, and Yacine Terai. Three well-known and experienced blockchain figures who will help Dether to grow and spread all over the world.

William Mougayar (Blockchain investor, thought leader and author.)

William Mougayar is a Toronto-based investor, researcher, blogger, and author of The Business Blockchain (Wiley, 2016). He is a renowned authority on, and a direct participant in, the crypto-technology market, as well as an advisor or board member to some of the world’s leading blockchain organizations, including Ethereum, OpenBazaar, Coin Center, Steem, Stratumn, and Bloq. He blogs regularly about the present and future of blockchains at Startup Management.

We first met William at EDCON in Paris in February 2017 and again when the Dether team won the The Merkle Week hackathon in Paris in March 2017. William has already aided us greatly in challenging our ideas. His unique vision of blockchain businesses and his ability to see value in tokens will help the Dether project to better structure itself and to scale internationally.

Eddy Travia (CEO of Consilium)

Eddy Travia is a pioneer investor in blockchain technology startups and the CEO of Coinsilium, a London-based venture builder, accelerator and investor in early-stage blockchain technology companies. Coinsilium shares are traded on NEX Exchange in London (NEX:COIN). He was named among the ‘Top Three Most Influential Investors’ at the Blockchain Awards. He also regulary delivers keynote speeches on blockchain and advises corporates and financial regulators.

As a well-known and pioneer Blockchain VC, Eddy is helping us connect with key partners that will take Dether to the next level.

Yacine Terai (CEO of StartupToken & Token Capital)

Founder of StartupToken, a global accelerator and consultancy for startups, Yacine Terai is also the CEO of Tokens Capital, a crowd sales and blockchain investment firm, as well as Blockchain VC for Consilium, the first ICAP ISDX Blockchain investment company to be publicly listed. Speaker, professor, angel investor and educator on blockchain and crypto investment space, he has over 15 years of experience in the world of global technology startups.

Yacine’s connections have already been precious to the project. He will help the project to spread the word internationally (ex: through the Asia Tour StartupToken is organizing) and connecting Dether with top worldwide blockchain-based project, just like with RSK, in order to create synergies.