Live Telegram TechTalk AMA with Dether Cofounder, Mehdi Amari

Get ready to tune-in to Telegram for an exclusive Telegram AMA with Mehdi Amari! We’ll cover the latest in Dether tech updates and the upcoming app launch — you won’t want to miss this!

At Dether, we’re always looking to connect with our community about development. Our latest tech update gave the Dether community an exclusive look at new developments in AirSwap integration and improved user-experience. Many of our most popular posts and Telegram responses have centered on technical questions about the app. While we love sharing the latest partnerships, events, and worldwide campaigns with you all, we know how important it is to highlight the technical aspects of our mission, and answer questions centered on app intricacies. With our development team so hard at work behind the scenes, we want to put the spotlight on Mehdi Amari, Dether cofounder and and technical lead, ready to answer your technical questions about Dether.

We will be hosting a LIVE Telegram TechTalk AMA with Mehdi on Friday, August 10 at 11:00 CEST!

This will be the opportunity to ask Mehdi any of your questions related to token integration, AirSwap, staking, becoming a Dether seller, smart contracts, and more!

You can join us on Telegram:

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