New Dether App Feature: add any ERC20 token to your wallet

Dether Wallet
Oct 30, 2019 · 1 min read

Customize your Dether wallet the way you want by adding your chosen ERC20 tokens.

Since the official launch of the new Dether app, a number of pre-selected tokens were present in the Dether wallet, enabling users to fund, send and sell any of these ERC20 tokens.

After listening to the feedback of the Dether community, we’ve understood that having a customized wallet is a must have.

Starting now, you can customize your own Dether wallet by:

  • Selecting tokens listed in the Dether wallet, or
  • Adding your own selected ERC20 tokens to your Dether wallet by simply pasting the ERC20 token’s smart contract address in the “Add Token” search bar, then selecting it and adding it to your wallet.

That’s it!

Your Dether Wallet is now a tailor-made Ethereum wallet, where you can add any of your ERC20 tokens within the same wallet.

Dether Talk

Buy and Sell Crypto, wherever you are in the world

Dether Wallet

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Buy and sell crypto, wherever you are in the world

Dether Talk

Buy and Sell Crypto, wherever you are in the world

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