Team Interviews: Romain, Dether’s UX/UI Designer

Romain is the creative talent of the Dether team

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Hello Romain! Can you tell us a little more about yourself?

Hello! My name is Romain, and I’m 32 years old. I’m the UX/UI Designer at Dether. I have a rather atypical background. I did a lot of things before developing my skills in UX/UI design. I have always been attracted to the idea of creating attractive visual content, so I’ve had the opportunity to work on personal projects related to website design, graphic charters for associations, and promotional posters.

I started by building up my knowledge professionally as a textile designer at a streetwear brand. This experience made a major impression on me. Every day demanded a dose of creativity. I was always looking for the t-shirt design that would strike our customers. I also had the opportunity to work in the visual universe of the music industry. I designed album covers, websites, and merchandise. I had the chance to meet a lot of artists with whom I was able to exchange and understand their needs.

I was then the design manager in a furniture company for almost two years. I was responsible for the creation of promotional catalogues for suppliers, so I managed two graphic designers in the catalogue creation. It was a founding experience experience in terms of creativity because it allowed me to become very rigorous and organized. Once you publish a catalog you don’t have a second chance — once it’s gone… it’s gone.

What does the UX/UI Designer position at Dether consist of in concrete terms?

My job is divided as follows:

  • 50%: Pure creation
  • 25%: Contact with users and definition of needs
  • 25%: Interaction with developers, interface design and reflection on how to structure the product

The Dether project is a fusion of my two areas of expertise because I have to constantly develop the product to make it as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, while respecting market constraints. So I first need to understand the expectations of users. To do this, I collect and analyse their precise feedback on the product beforehand, via workshops.

Then, I move on to the design and design part of the interface. This work is done in collaboration with the tech team, the sales team (to be sure to respect market constraints), and a graphic designer. We first make a very broad structure, which we then refine more and more.

What do you like about your job?

COMPETITION! It brings out the best in ourselves. For example, I really appreciate the visual universe of Uport, or Status and many others! 
I find that the projects in the blockchain ecosystem are very creatively and visually successful — a force that allows us to reach a wider audience and contributes to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

What are the essential qualities to have in your profession?

I think the following few key words summarize the qualities needed to be a good full stack designer UX/UI Designer

  • Adaptability
  • Creativity
  • Organisation

I think it’s important to get involved in the design community. It’s not enough to keep all of that knowledge to yourself. You learn better when you teach it to someone else or have a discussion about design topics. So I try to:

  1. Attend meetups
  2. Speak at events/conferences
  3. Converse/debate about topics on the future of design and the tech world
  4. Write articles
Photo taken during my visit to the Majorelle Museum

In short, I enrich myself with everything that surrounds me to continue to keep a critical eye on my work. Besides, now that I’ve decided to involve the Dether community, from now on, I would like to regularly share some creations and ideas with you, in order to to have your opinions — because it’s obvious that the first people who should be able to give their opinions is you all!

Which are your favorite tools when you’re working/designing?

I still try to expand my toolset in order to become a powerhouse user in my favorite tools. I also still try to learn about new tools that I’ve never used before. I love Adobe Creative Suite, but if there is a tool that has been a real revelation to me it’s SKETCH! It’s a toolkit design with powerful plugins, such as Craft, Zeplin etc… In short, this software covers all features on both Adobe and Illustrator! I quickly became competent in this tool for the Dether project, and today, I can’t do without it!

What about Hardware? What are you using?

I’m using:

What do you do in your free time?

I do a lot of sports: soccer, running etc… I am very interested in everything related to the IoT. And my real pleasure is to visiting museums to take pictures. It may seem trivial, but it helps me to develop my creative spirit.

Thank you for this interview, Romain! Your experience and skills will greatly help the Dether application to be one of the most user-friendly in the blockchain ecosystem.