The Dether Team Takes on Asia

The Dether team extended their world tour into Asia this week, visiting Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul.

After a series of exciting trips to Zurich, Kiev, Amsterdam, London, and Zug, where the Dether team met with potential investors, fellow blockchain passionates, and potential Dether users, the team has taken on the Asian leg of their tour.

1. Singapore 🇸🇬

Our team first stopped in Singapore, where they had the chance to present Dether to a full-house. As a partner in the Startup Token “Zero to ICO” tour, with advisors Eddy Travia and Yacine Terai, the Dether team was thrilled to share its vision of helping the world, especially the unbanked, to access cryptocurrency and Ethereum technology with the Singapore blockchain community.

The team was able to connect with a company that aims at creating a global wallet aimed at immigrants and unbanked people. They hope to use Dether’s sellers and physical shops and smart contract to help them find crypto PTMs around them to make remittance easier, faster and cheaper.

They not only had the occassion to present Dether, but to put it into action! When one of the team members realized that he had forgotten his wallet, he was able to connect with an ether teller via Dether, and get cash for his trip.

The Dether team pitching in Singapore

2. Hong Kong 🇭🇰

In Hong Kong, the team presented at Genesis Block, a place dedicated to buying Bitcoin and Ether using ATMs. Among the topics discussed is a potential partnernship in which they would list their crypto ATMs on the Dether map for the Hong Kong community.

A “PTM” standing next to a Bitcoin ATM!

3. Tokyo 🇯🇵

The Dether team received a warm welcome in Tokyo, where they were able to carry out a live demo of Dether in action, translated into Japanese, and presented to investors.

Because Japan is a country that has a large volume of crypto transactions carried out daily, even to shop in many basic retails points, Dether could become a major player in the Japanese crypto scene.

After a live demo of Dether, in Tokyo!

4. Seoul 🇰🇷

Dether’s Asian tour came to an end in Seoul, at the Asa Nanum Foundation, a space dedicated to startups. With the pitch translated into Korean, we were able to interact with the Korean crypto community. We then attended an event organized by Waves, where top blockchain-based startups located in Korea were also present.

Many projects, like EnergiMine, expressed an interest in having their coins listed on Dether, so that people can use cash to buy these tokens in a peer-to- peer way, which would help their users redeem their tokens worldwide for cash.

You can catch the team next at Coinscrum meetup in London, then at Devcon 3 in Cancun, Mexico! 🇲🇽