The Dether Wallet App is Now Available in the Google Play Store

Download the Dether Wallet App here!

We are excited to announce that the Dether Wallet is now available for download in the Google Play store! The Dether app for Android has all of the capabilities of the Dether app and Dether Web, in a convenient, native mobile app.

With the Dether Wallet, you can:

Build your crypto portfolio and store ERC20 tokens

Use the Dether Wallet to store a variety of ERC20 tokens, like DAI, BNB, MKR, AE, and more. Send ETH and DTH (the Dether utility token) right from your wallet.

Exchange ETH for a variety of tokens

Exchange ETH for tokens like OMG, ZRX, and REP in just a few taps. The sliding gas scale lets your know how quickly your transaction will be sent.

Keep track of your trade history

See all of your past transactions in the history tab.

Buy crypto with cash by finding crypto sellers on the Dether Map

Use the Dether map to find crypto sellers around you. See how much they’re selling, their point of sale, and their user reputation. Chat with them to set up trading conditions.

Become a Dether seller, and set your own fees

Create your point of sale in over 140 countries. Set your own fees and trade limits. Update your point of sale at any time.

Change your currency in a simple tap

Use the app settings to change your currency with ease. Update your avatar, view your backup phrase, or leave feedback at anytime.

With the native Dether app, it’s easier than ever to be “plugged-in” to Dether updates, and move back and forth between apps.

→ Download the Dether Wallet app here, and make sure to let us know what you think by leaving a review!