Token Spotlight: FLIXX, from Flixxo

This is the latest post in a series of “Token Spotlights” that will feature new tokens available in the Dether Wallet. Discover what they are, and why they’re important.

Film fans, rejoice! The FLIXX token from Flixxo is now available on the Dether Wallet. Fund your wallet with Flixx today.

What is Flixxo?

Flixxo is a decentralized video content sharing platform based on the BitTorrent protocol. Viewers spend Flixx tokens to watch videos, while content creators earn high ad revenue. Instead of leaning on high infrastructural costs in bandwidth and storage space, like Netflix or YouTube, Flixxo incentivizes its users to actively become distributors (or “seeders”), rewarding them with Flixx tokens, which they can then use to watch new videos.

Flixxo creators can upload their work to the network and chooses the revenue model for their content, including how much Flixx it’ll cost to watch the content and the percentage of their earnings that will be shared with the distributors. The more they share, the greater the incentive is for the network to distribute the content.

Using the Flixx token

Viewers can earn Flixx tokens by watching ads and seeding content. They can then spend their Flixx tokens to watch original content by Flixxo creators.

If a user runs out of credits, they can choose to watch sponsored content in exchange for Flixx. This structure creates an organic market, as advertisers need to buy Flixx from content creators in order to showcase their sponsored content.

Like any ERC20 token, Flixx can be transferred or cashed out at your convenience — and now, stored in the Dether Wallet!

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