Tutorial for Dether’s Alpha

As you know, a week ago we released our Dether alpha. It is important for Dether’s team that our future users understand how the alpha works. For this, we have prepared a tutorial on the use of the application, accompanied by videos that will help you understand step-by-step how to operate Dether’s alpha.

  1. Installing the application on your home screen

You’ll need to go to alpha.dether.io, and click on “share” to add Dether to your home screen. The application only works with Safari on iPhone and Chrome on Android. The procedure is the same for Android and iOS.

2. Create an account

It is possible to either create an account or import an account. (If you are importing an account, you should go to step 3.)

  • click on the right arrow
  • you must select an avatar and enter a username of at least 3 characters, and press next
  • enter a password with: one lowercase, one uppercase, one number
  • re-type password
  • press the right arrow to confirm
  • copy the mnemonic seed phrase

3. Import account
If you already have an account, you can import it. To do this:

  • press “import account”
  • enter a seed (12 words!)
  • enter a password (same requirements as when you create an account)
  • select an avatar and enter a username of at least 3 characters and press “validate.”

4. Settings

Press the “settings” button on the top left of the dashboard. You can change your avatar, change your currency or your username (minimum 3 characters).

5. Export your SEED

If you want to export your seed, go into “settings.” In the input, enter your password and click on the green arrow to the right. After that, the seed appears, and you can click on the copy button to copy it (don’t forget to store it somewhere safely!)

6. Kovan Faucet
To help you test our application we have put in place a Kovan faucet, by clicking on get Kovan we will send you 0.1 Kovan on your wallet (you can get just once).

7. Send ETH from your regular wallet

To send ETH, select “withdraw.” You can either enter the ETH address in the input, or click on the square on the right, and it will open the camera to scan a QRcode.
You can enter an amount in ETH, (lesser or equal to your balance), press send, enter the password and wait for it to be mined. Once it’s mined, the transaction will appear at the bottom of the list.

8. Etherscan (transaction history)

If you click on a transaction, a pop-up will open, and from there, you can either click on the Etherscan button to see the transaction, or click on “to” or “from” to check the account on Etherscan.

9. Buy

If you want to buy ether from a seller, you need click on “buy” on the dashboard, then look on the map to find a green point. When you see a green point, you can click on it to see all of information about the seller (name, address, Telegram link, transaction number, total amount sold, etc.)
To get in contact with a seller, you can click on the Telegram link to open a Telegram conversation with them. You can safely and anonymously chat with the seller and schedule an appointment in order to make a transaction.

10. Register as a seller

Conversely, if you want to register as a seller, you press “add sell point” on the dashboard. It takes a balance minimum of 0.02 ETH to create a point of sale. You enter the percentage of commission that you want to take(aim for less than 10%). Then, you enter the amount you are willing to sell. Enter a correct Telegram address. You will be automatically geolocated. Either choose to sell where you are located on the map or chose another location. Click on “validate,” and the app will ask for your password. Once it’s mined, you’ll arrive at the dashboard. If the screen changes color, it means that you’ve become a seller.

11. Sell ETH to a buyer

As a seller you have to click en the SELL button on your dashboard.
Then you enter the amount of cash the buyer give you, then you put the adress ETH of the buyer and click on sell, the ETH are sent!
Note that this function is different that the regular withdraw send. By using the sell functionality you sell from the smart contract and this way you earn reputation on the protocol.

12. Delete a selling point

To delete a point of sale, click on the trashcan at the top right of the dashboard, and enter your password. When it’s finished, the dashboard will change color, and you will become a buyer once again.
 If you delete a point of sale, you are no longer visible on the map, but you do not lose your reputation.

13. Delete account

To remove your point of sale, it’s imperative to have your seed ready to enter. Go to “settings” (top left of the dashboard) and click on the trashcan icon on the top right (this time, you will not be asked for a password, so it’s important that you be very careful when you click on “delete.”)

14. To report a bug

If you want to share your opinion, you are invited to come and chat on slack. Otherwise, click on the button with the exclamation point on the dashboard under “settings,” and click on the link to go to the Google form. Complete the form and click “submit.”

15. An overview of the entire process