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(North) America’s Coup

The attack on the Capitol, while the presidential vote was confirmed, and egged on by Donald Trump from the White House was indeed an attempted coups. Now what are Americans if not the rest of the world going to do about it?

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Despite the handwringing debate that is currently a la mode in the American political press that the Confederate mob that stormed Congress (we did not see it coming, this is not technically a coups) sound about as hollow right now as those who said they believed Hillary Clinton had a lock on the last election.

In other words, there are many people who saw this coming — and have for a long time. Let’s just put it this way. The German government is going to have even more cheese on its face when I begin to point out that they turned me down for asylum and almost kicked me out of the country this year — literally months before I won a landmark German Supreme Court case (2BvR 2628/18). I have the paperwork. It has to be seen to believed. Luckily, I was in Germany.

I feel even more that way as the day ticks on in semi normal Covid hard lockdown world that is Frankfurt right now. I even have a few conversations about the same, auf Deutsch, with the medical personnel I have an appointment with today. I am having my blood checked. The nurse, shyly, talks back to me in German and in English. She takes the blood. She labels it. She pats my arm. “I have seen this coming for a long time,” I say. “It is why I am here.”

“How long have you lived in Germany?” she asks, while patting my arm. “7 years” I respond. Since 2013.

I saw this coming.

However, for people with a little more stability in their lives (in other words family members who were not, even if tangentially involved in this kind of thing), and those of course who cannot just immigrate here, Americans have a mirror to look into right now which is far from comfortable. It is a reflection of a country I have always seen — it is just that it has grown much more powerful.

This is a coup attempt. Make no mistake about it. This is how coups start and always have. So far the traditions that uphold American democracy have stood — if barely — and Biden has done what President Lyndon Johnson prophesied all the way back in the 1960’s — namely that the South would eventually come back around to the “real” democratic party. If not overcome its shameful history.

In Germany, in the seat of the country’s financial center, Frankfurt, there is a sense today that the Americans perhaps, have finally woken up to the real dangers that have been lurking, at this point easily since Nixon, that the heart of the world’s “greatest democracy” was rotten to the core. Tastes great, but certainly also less filling.

They have a more recent history of such things — and indeed the rise of the far right here is increasingly feared.

Both Germans and Americans, indeed citizens of every democratic country, including the recently Brexited UK, should be aware that not vehemently rejecting the kinds of people who support such action, including debate that polarizes, and polices that exclude, leads to events like the world saw unfold on the steps of the U.S. Capitol this January.

No this is not a movie, even though it is impossible anymore for me not to look at the flag of Dixie and see the flag of the EU in the blue patch by all those stars and bars — no the UK was not predestined to become America’s 51st state. And Boris’s condemnation of the above, rang a little hollow given the Boston Tea Party approach he used to push England over the Brexit cliff.

Regardless, this event, both in U.S. and world history, has come at a time when every citizen of the planet should ask themselves what it means to actually live in a democracy, and make sure that the obviously failing infrastructure, just about everywhere, is given a much needed personal boost.

It is like voting. If you do not do anything, or say anything, or write anything, such historical “aberations” have the habit of being a bit more than that.

For a copy of my latest book, which even predicts that at least a coup attempt was brewing in the United States, see Green II: Spreading Like Kudzu.




A commentary on the Zeitgeist of Our Times

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