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“Q” for Cult?

Twitter, The Donald and the neo-Nazi “American” “Cult” of Personality that also seems to love “blue birds” and other symbols we recognize easily. Why is it so compelling every time?

Different varieties of swastika symbols in multiple cultures — with different meanings

I survived, as a child, in a group of people with sociopathic tendencies, and people who listened to “birdsongs” if not actively cultivated ideas that while not ostensibly “satanic” were highly anti-semitic and grotesquely abusive. If not also grotesquely anti democratic. They also knew about if not participated in some way, in systematic mind control experiments in the United States, even if, like the CIA, they were not all codenamed, or referenced “Blue Birds.”

The kinds of things I was subjected to, and by the same people, have dominated global news stories of late with names like “Epstein” if not “Weinstein” and Nxivm, which even incorporates grotesquely fascist ideas like numerology into central beliefs. Unlike the victims in those situations, my story has not yet been believed if not prosecuted.

But there are many people like me. Of that I am convinced. Even if they do not have the same kind of proof that I do. Legal records, medical records, tapes and pictures and audio. Plus an increasingly provable history on things like bios and websites.

The question is, knowing this, what does America now face?

The One Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins?

Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

Finally someone bigger than The Donald is taking all of his presidential toys away. First it was (apparently) the right to call out the National Guard, second is the imminent threat of either impeachment or the resignation of the cabinet if not the literal removal of office before January 20. Good old Nancy Pelosi of course, has taken away the nuclear codes.

And now, of course, Donald is facing lifetime bans on established social media platforms, including his reliable standby, Twitter.

It does not take a genius to do the math here. Trump garnered only slighly fewer votes in the polls last November than he has followers. If Twitter followers were votes, sure, it is easy to understand the confusion. But beyond that, why is it that so far, nobody, has talked about the historical attempts in the United States to control minds this way? It is a subtext right now, but it will also, inevitably begin to surface.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

But signing up for Twitter and pressing the “follow” button, does not an automatic democratic vote make. Perhaps that is where the confusion lies in the mind of the president and all those who follow him. Fortunately, the Pied Piper of North America, this one at least, has hit a technical and legal snag.

But it is not “over.”

Do not be fooled. Trump and his family will try, for the next generation at least, to continue stoking the violent, insane revolution that is obviously brewing.

What is the defense against all of this? People who stick to the facts, a reasonable if not logical parsing of reality, and a full frontal responsibility for the same that ultimately rests with all of us.

Birdsongs, Abuse And Breaking Free

Birdsong, by Gail E. Haley

Ritual abuse, like religion, has to be broken through, one layer at a time. It is hard to understand how to define it, because it can also be the other side of the socialization of children (for example). However, whatever you want to call it, whether by the name of a major religion, The Force (see Star Wars) or any other creed or name, taking by force, and the imposition of violence is a story as old as mankind.

When I was a kid, I was human trafficked by my mother and a group of people who were convinced that their “way” was the right way, with no other freedom of thought. I faced death threats, dire punishments, and a confinement in a world that was toxic to me from the time I was forced to be around it.

However, I was able to understand, from the time I was 13, that this way, no matter how overwhelming it was to fight, including a drunk, incestuous mother who even bragged about the trafficking of her own daughter in a commercially published children’s book (see Birdsong), and nobody did anything about the same (including the publishing industry let alone an uncle who was an Assistent Attorney General of the state of North Carolina (Alan Briggs), I had no other choice.

At least in the short term. They could not kill me. And they could not permanently silence me.

While life is frequently a range of grey hues, rather than black and white, there has always been a moral code in me that fundamentally knew where boundaries lay. Even if they were routinely violated.

Everyone has those boundaries. And for many Americans if not those of a different nationality, those boundaries were actually profoundly, and visibly breached last week with a coup attempt in the United States.

Taking away the Twitter is certainly one of the most important first steps. But of course, it is, and always has been, not nearly far enough. The “song” that drives this movement is a swarm that will recreate itself somewhere else.

The question, of course, is how and who, and in what combination, can “sing” a more convincing, better one — and further convincingly deliver in a way that most people want to hear.

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Marguerite has covered the legal cannabis industry internationally from Germany for over six years and is the author of several books plus a Cannatech geek