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What Is Bedales And Boris Johnson Covering Up?

The exclusive private school in Hampshire, not far from the Mountbatten estate, has long been claimed to be at least partial inspiration for the Harry Potter books — but its dark history and secrets are coming out — and it is not a children’s story.

I have an increasing case against the school for participating in the grotesque abuse of my father as an old man (because they wanted Eve Arnold’s pictures taken when my half brother Frank was being abused there). However, the attendance of Boris Johnston’s kids, as well as suppressed evidence that proves I was human trafficked out of the country on my way to Bedales with Princess Margaret’s children is a story that will be prosecuted as well as told.

You may have heard of Bedales School. Alot of celebrities, and VIP children go there. My father went there as the first Jew to attend, on scholarship because of well, Hitler. My elder half brother, Frank Arnold attended (and was, according to school officials who are still backtracking if not admitting fault) badly abused there. He has used that experience all of his life to justify the abuse of me, his half sister, including death threats and threats of having me detained if I set foot in the UK, and the murder of his father. Enough is enough.

In retroactive navel gazing novels from my brother’s alumni, it has been claimed that Eve and my father got a divorce when Frank was a student, which undoubtedly contributed, along with the abuse to what occurred next. In fact, my dad was dragged through the coals, by both Eve and my mother as well as many people standing around this, who thought it was perfectly fine that my mother should be allowed to take custody of two children she had already sexually abused. And then human traffick both of them. In part because Eve refused to divorce my dad. Frank apparently engineered that, in 1997, in secret, while preventing family members from finding him, and leaving him in poverty. Eve won a few awards that year. Groovy.

Embarrassing details include proof that the Home Office took our passports (which I have the reciept for) yet the American Embassy just issued two more and that Eve repeatedly avoided court service of any kind.

How awesome. It appears that British Home Office Policy at least has not changed much in forty odd years. Exile “bastard” children as fast as possible, especially when politically and otherwise convenient. Did I mention that the Ballentine family as well as others well known in the British and U.S. publishing industry were also involved in this? Directly?

While I do not want to spoil the short and sweet version of this — and there is more to come — lets just say that Frank’s treatment at Hogwarts in Hampshire paled to what was done to me, his half sister, in the hands of a KKK family in North Carolina whose first act of “possession” was to send me to Southern Baptist Bible camp to “beat the Jew out of me.” Of course, being the stomping grounds of such hallowed folks as Lord Snowdon, who denied his “illigitimate” daughter, my father’s never ending love and acknowledgement of me was something to be discounted at a school which apparently cares about celebrity a bit more than children and has for many years now. Indeed, I now have several witnesses, including students (and if you have additional information, please feel free to come forward to me) who have told me including in writing, that they were told explicitly, and by the school — as in teachers and administrators — that my father, Arnold Arnold had “nothing of value to share,” and to keep away from him.

Despite the characterization of a snotty school that apparently thought it was immaterial if I lived or died, and never followed up with my father to make sure his minor children attended (see Minnie Driver also, who would have been a classmate), much less to make sure that he was ok as an old man, clearly in trouble, I stand my ground that this is appalling.

Further, the attendance of Boris Johnson’s kids, in the aftermath of Brexit, smacks again to me of, beyond the immediate first hand proof I can produce, a bit higher involvement in all of this than just my family, and always politically motivated.

For a man who has now had children out of wedlock, and is sending his children to a school which is covering up the grotesque murder of my father, in the UK, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2012, and the second inauguration day of Barack Obama as President, no sir, you may not evade my phone call.

My brother, a Bedales alumni, tortured our father to death in the UK, by exposing him to a deadly virus, repeatedly, per NHS notes. Doctors ignored my father’s pleas to go to the police while apparently disbelieving my father when he repeatedly said he had three children and needed to find his daughter.

Bedales stuck its foot in the matter with me when they had the temerity to ask me for Eve Arnold’s pictures of the school when Frank was there as I called them to tell them I would be writing the obit. But their repeated attempts to cover this up, in part, apparently to attract the children of the current PM, especially given what this has done to me, is grotesque.

I will not be silent. And further as the plaintiff in 2BvR 2628/18, which gives me a little credibility on the matter, I would like to know why both the German and British police have repeatedly refused to take this seriously. Starting in Hampshire. But stretching a bit further at this point — all the way to Number 10. If not to Buckingham Palace beyond that. My stepmother, Eve Arnold, was awarded an OBE in 2003, after all.




A commentary on the Zeitgeist of Our Times

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