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What Is Behind The Q-Anon Shaman?

Much has been made of the fur-wearing conspiracy theorist who got his picture in a lot of global media. But where does he get his ideas from? Unfortunately, I know.

Q-Anon Shaman on full rampage in the U.S. Capitol — Photo Credit: Sky News

The pictures of the so-called “Q-Anon” Shaman, associated now globally with the attempted coup attempt initiated by Donald Trump and including now a direct attack on the U.S. Capitol, seem to capture the heart of the movement determined to get their way, by force. Jake Angeli, a 32-year old with a background in acting, self promotion and conspiracy theories is the man behind the paint and the dead animals.

Here is the shocking thing, beyond a clear act of sedition. The belief he espouses is a bit more than, unfortunately true.

No matter how ridiculous he is, and others like him, you cannot dismiss all of him, no matter how convenient it is to do so.

  1. My unsolved case involving the grotesque abuse of children, is indeed one where powerful people in politics and publishing enabled and covered up the grotesque abuse of two minor, Jewish children, and the murder of a Holocaust era German Jew. Pizza houses had nothing to do with it, although political and government figures (like an Assistant AG of North Carolina, educated at Georgetown law and UNC Chapel Hill) most certainly did.
  2. One of the major perps in the matter, my mother, Gail E. Haley, has long associated herself with new age “Shamanism.” Look her up. She is currently being held prisoner by her own family in Charlotte North Carolina. Her hip was broken three years ago as she confessed some of the last missing peices of all of this to me.
  3. The anti-semitism of Neo Fascists, is often dressed up in grotesque attempts at mind control, new age imagery, and “shamanism” of various kinds. See Nxivm for starters.

Dismissing conspiracy theorists generally, particularly those who show up at political events like coups, is always a bad idea. But understanding the root of the cause, including some of the stranger sources, no matter how twisted, of motivations and drivers, is the only way that Americans at least, can get through a period in which many have been literally “bewitched” by false beliefs and flat out lies, with a sense of normality, not to mention constitutional democracy, more or less intact.



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