Detour Everywhere: Our Biggest Release Ever

Andrew Mason
May 23, 2017 · 1 min read

Today we are incredibly excited to share what we’ve been working on for the last 9 months: Detour Everywhere!

Thanks to Cool3DWorld for the video.

New Cities & Tours

Today’s release more than doubles Detour’s catalog to 120 cinematic audio tours. Now available in the most popular travel destinations in the U.S., Western Europe, and Asia, for the first time, Detour can be on most traveler’s to-do list this summer.

New tours are launching in New York City, London, Paris, Washington DC, Boston, New Orleans, Rome, Portland, Charleston, Savannah, and Washington D.C. And later this summer, we’ll launch in Tokyo and Seoul through our partnership with Airbnb, bring us up to 150 tours. Each walk reveals something about what makes each city unique, covering history, culture, art, food, and more. And like existing Detours from the likes of Ken Burns and Radiolab, each Detour features incredible storytelling and narrators that know their city best.

Here are a few previews of our new walks.

New Features

Several new tours take advantage of Detour’s new augmented reality camera, allowing tour-takers to peel back reality and see history come to life. The Detour app includes several other new features, including video previews of all tours, and a design refresh, making it easier find and take tours.

The new version of Detour is available now on iOS, and many of the new features (plus all the new tours) are available on Android. Grab the update now and make Detour part of your summer travel plans!

Detour Blog

Detour is a platform for location-based audio experiences…

Andrew Mason

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Descript, formerly Detour, Groupon

Detour Blog

Detour is a platform for location-based audio experiences, available in the iOS App Store and coming to Android in June. We make our own premium outdoor tours in San Francisco, New York, and other cities. We also provide tools that let anyone create their own tours.

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