Detour: The Next Chapter

As of today, Bose is the new owner of the Detour software and tour content, while the team and I have moved to Descript. Bose is a huge fan of the Detour experience and believes it could be even better as part of the new Bose augmented reality platform. Bose is actively looking for a partner to host the Detour content and making it available to customers, including customers on the Bose AR platform. If you’re interested, send Bose a note here.

Detour will continue to make the Detour app and content through May 31st, 2018 — in fact, all Detours are free until then. After May 31, Detour will no longer be available. Beyond that, Bose expects the Detour content to re-emerge and be made available via a new partner.

Thank you to the producers, engineers, designers, and storytellers that made Detour what it is over the last four years. I’m excited to see where Bose takes it.

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