Free Detours this Weekend (6/2)

To celebrate our launch of 120 new tours, we’re making one tour in each of our seventeen cities free between now and Sunday. Download the Detour app (iOS, Android) and take one of these incredible immersive walks this weekend!

Free this weekend in the USA

New York: Ken Burns’ Brooklyn Bridge

Academy Award nominee Ken Burns reveals the secrets behind the building of the Brooklyn Bridge.

San Francisco: The Mission

In a neighborhood in the midst of unprecedented change, what does it mean to belong?

Los Angeles, Venice: Abbot Kinney’s Impossible Dream

Discover how Venice was created — and almost destroyed — and meet the spirit of town-founder Abbot Kinney.

Boston, The North End: Italian Family, Food, and Tradition

Local shop-owner Bobby Eustace takes you on walk through the Italian traditions, stores, and food of the North End.

Washington, D.C. Downtown: The Day Lincoln Died

Killing Lincoln was only part of the conspiracy- discover it all through the eyes of Booth’s accomplice, George Atzerodt.

Chicago, Downtown: Outside the Box

Explore the hidden gems of how Chicago’s dreamers and idealists shaped the city with Cultural Historian Tim Samuelson.

New Orleans, French Quarter: Gumbo’s Rich Mix

Learn about the cultures and religions that came together to shape the cuisine of the city, and its most iconic dish: Gumbo.

Portland, Albina: Jumptown Jazz

Jazz legend Mel Brown describes Portland’s Jazz Renaissance in the 70s while his son, Christopher, encourages the one now.

Charleston, Downtown: Pirates and Pot

A former marijuana smuggler tells us the story of Charleston’s other most notorious outlaws — the pirates.

Savannah, City Market: Dark Path to Freedom

Come walk in the footsteps of the captive Africans that were brought to Savannah and forced to become slaves.

Free this weekend in Europe

London, West End: The Suffragettes

Follow in the footsteps of the Suffragettes as they bomb, slash, and smash for their cause — the right to vote!

Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg: The Underground in Nazi Berlin

Step back to Berlin during Nazi rule, and hear a story about the power of the human spirit to triumph over darkness.

Paris: Republique: Terror in the City of Light

Explore how the residents of this multicultural neighborhood are living together without fear after the 2015 terror attacks.

Rome: Esquilino: Alchemy’s Mysterious Origins

Discover the ancient mythical origins and practices of Roman Alchemy as you explore its most important sites.

Barcelona: Barceloneta: Flamenco’s Wounded Star

Discover this lost neighborhood buried in the sand of Barcelona’s most famous beach with Flamenco legend Carmen Amaya.