Introducing Airbnb Audio Walks

Andrew Mason
Nov 17, 2016 · 2 min read

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with Airbnb to create a new kind of neighborhood exploration experience: Airbnb Audio Walks, powered by Detour.

Airbnb Audio Walks are immersive, location-aware journeys through some of Airbnb’s most fascinating neighborhoods. Along each walk, you’ll meet a series of locals — residents, business owners, local heroes, etc. — who will take you by the hand and show you the neighborhood they know.

More than just audio tours, Walks are designed to feel like an essential companion to your exploration of place. Many walks are loops, and designed so you can jump in anywhere along the way and listen for five minutes — or stay on for the hour-long circuit. And unlike traditional audio tours, Detour is a social activity. Just form a group to sync audio with friends.

Our first Walks are in Downtown LA (listen to the previews below) and are available right now in the Airbnb app under the Places tab. More Airbnb Audio Walks are currently in production in San Francisco, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Seoul, with more to follow.

If you’re familiar with these cities, we need your help: Recommend people who should narrate our walks. Who are the most interesting people to walk through these neighborhoods? We want to know. It could even be you — complete our casting call!

Nice to meet you, Airbnb

Some of you are Airbnb customers hearing about Detour for the first time. Welcome! As a fellow Airbnb lover, I‘m excited for you to discover what we’ve been building here at Detour (check out our app).

I started Detour because I wanted a better way to connect to places than tour groups and sightseeing busses — something that could take us beyond the surface of museums, cute shops, and snapshot-ready scenery, and let us tap into access the essence of what gives each place — and its people — its unique identity. And do it when we want, with whom we want.

When you take a Detour, you’re almost literally walking in the shoes of a local. Nothing gets you closer. It’s a new thing; and we think it will change your expectations when you’re exploring new places.

We want to help take the magic that Airbnb has created inside houses and extend it into the streets. We’re so pleased to be introduced to the Airbnb community, and can’t wait to hear what you think.

Detour Blog

Detour is a platform for location-based audio experiences, available in the iOS App Store and coming to Android in June. We make our own premium outdoor tours in San Francisco, New York, and other cities. We also provide tools that let anyone create their own tours.

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