Introducing Detour Platform

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Detour Platform — now everyone can create a Detour and share it with the world

In the 3 years since we started Detour, our team has poured our hearts into creating over 120 Detours that allow us all to explore and experience the world like never before.

The reception has been incredible:

We’ve loved making these tours, but the goal was always to open up the platform so that everyone could share their stories.

Interest in our private beta has been tremendous and we’ve been testing with select partners since the launch of SFMOMA last May.

Today, we couldn’t be more excited to finally open the Detour Platform up to everybody.

What is the Detour Platform?

The Platform has three parts that offer a complete solution for successfully creating and publishing your own location-based audio experiences:

(1) Simple and Powerful Creation Tools: Get Descript, our revolutionary Mac app for content producers, which combines mapping, writing, and audio production into one easy-to-use app for making fascinating Detours.

(2) Help Where You Need It: Step-by-step tutorials, thorough documentation, a forum, and a suite of content services you can purchase to help you produce a masterpiece.

(3) Publish to the World’s Best Audio Tour App: Publish your Detour and watch it appear on iOS, Android, and our website. Give it away free or charge any price you want and keep all revenues (after the App Store’s cut).

Use Cases

So who might want to use the Detour Platform and why? The possibilities are only limited by the imagination but here are three real-world examples:

(1) Museums, Campuses, and Venues

Our collaboration with SFMOMA led to a location-aware audio experience that quickly became the new standard for museum audio tours. Detour engineered the first museum deployment of Apple’s indoor positioning platform and the result was praised by WIRED magazine as an app that “will forever change how you enjoy museums.”

(2) Storytellers, Journalists, & Historians

Academy-Award nominated filmmaker, Ken Burns, chose Detour to produce his fascinating audio walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Ken was born in Brooklyn and, as a young filmmaker, spent 5 years intensely researching the bridge for his first-ever historical documentary — a film that earned him his first nomination for an Academy Award.

(3) Brands, Non-Profits, Government Organizations

Airbnb used our Platform to create Detours of six of Airbnb’s most fascinating neighborhoods: Seoul, Tokyo, San Francisco, Los Angeles and London and Paris. Along each walk, listeners meet a series of locals — residents, business owners, local heroes, etc. — who take you by the hand and show you the neighborhood they know.

Get Started Today

As of today, Detour Platform is live at and we’re actively seeking creators and voices to share their stories with the world. If that’s you, join us — we would love to help you be successful.

Here are three things you can do next:

  1. Sign up for the free 30-day trial and create a Detour of a place that’s meaningful to you, like your neighborhood
  2. Share this post with a friend or organization who would be a great fit for the Platform
  3. Ask us questions in the comments below and ‘like’ this post if you want to help it reach more people


— The Detour Platform Team

P.S. We’re on Product Hunt today, check it out and show some love with an upvote!

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