Introducing Detour Platform and our first partner, SFMOMA

Andrew Mason
May 3, 2016 · 2 min read

Today we’re announcing Detour Platform, our suite of location-based audio creation tools for third parties. Our first partner is SFMOMA, who uses Detour to power the app for their new museum, opening May 14th. The SFMOMA tour will be available for free both in a standalone SFMOMA app as well is in the Detour app.

The Detour Platform introduces a number of features that we think will eventually become the standard in museums and cultural institutions. You can learn about them on the Detour Platform website.

Platform partners will also receive access to a beta version of Descript, our content production app for Mac. By introducing ground-breaking features that make content creation dramatically faster and more accessible, Descript brings content production within reach of a wider audience of creators. Anyone who is interested in audio production tools won’t want to miss the Descript demo screencast. It’s Detour’s secret weapon, and you’ll be hearing a lot more about it in the future.

We’ll have a lot more to say about the making of this app in future posts, but for now, I want to thank the people who made it possible.

We’re incredibly lucky to have built our platform in close partnership with SFMOMA. Often products like this are built by techies in isolation, and the opportunity to work alongside SFMOMA gave us insights that we never would have had alone. Thanks to Chad Coerver, Keir Winesmith, Stephanie Pau, and the rest of the SFMOMA team, who took a leap of faith in working with a small startup — we couldn’t have had better partners.

And thanks to the Detour team for making this possible, in particular Marianne McCune, who has been working tirelessly on this project since this time last year, when she embarked on a global tour of the world’s most interesting museum audio tours. Not only did she produce much of the app’s premiere content, Marianne’s ideas shaped the entire product experience.

You’ll be able to experience Detour Platform when SFMOMA opens on May 14th. If you’d like to learn more about making location-based audio tour experiences with Detour Platform, get in touch.

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