Launching Today: Detour Seoul & Tokyo

Thanks to our friends at Airbnb, Detours are now available in Seoul and Tokyo, bringing us up to 19 cities! Check out the new walks below.

Seoul Detours

Craft Beer and History in Ikeson

Chef and beer sommelier Bong Gyun Son gives you a taste of Korean craft beer and barbeque in a traditional Hanok village.

Inside Historic Seochon

Local Jae Woo Seol sends you through Seochan and tells you why this neighborhood is known as the “time capsule of Seoul.”

Hip Seongsu

Explore Seongsu as Jongseok Kim explains how this industrial district is becoming the hip, creative part of Seoul.

Hongdae Through an Artist’s Eye

Discover the sights and sounds of Hongdae’s art, and music scene with artist and local university graduate Han Byul Jang.

Tokyo Detours

A Fashionista’s Harajuku

Explore the trendy streets of Harajuku as Rei Shito explains how she became Tokyo’s top street fashion photographer.

A Manga Nerd’s Nakano

Explore the colorful area of Nakano with US expat Benjamin Boas, who learned Japanese through comic books and video games.

An Artist’s Yanaka

US-born fine artist Allan West explains why the neighborhood of Yanaka is essential to his artistic and creative journey.

Tokyo’s Temple Town of Yanaka

Resident Masato Fujimoto tells you how Yanaka’s 70 temples set the neighborhood apart from the rest of metropolitan Tokyo.

War and Peace in Ueno

Professor William Steele peels back the layers of Ueno Park and explores the battleground of the 1868 Japanese Civil war.