The Mission Detour Available Now

Produced in partnership with KQED

Today we are thrilled to announce the release our newest Detour and latest collaboration with KQED — a Detour down the main drag and back alleys of 24th Street in the Mission. The tour is live in the Detour app now, and you can take it whenever you like. You can also join us for a group walk of this Detour in the Mission with KQED on June 18th! Event details are at the bottom of this post.

Roberto Hernandez is a lifelong Mission resident and activist who knows everyone in the neighborhood. He is affectionately known as “the Mayor of the Mission” and he is the narrator of this Detour. On this interactive walk, Roberto takes you deep into the Mission with people who intimately love the neighborhood, but in very different ways. Roberto introduces you to all kinds of ‘locals’: from Latinos who treasure the neighborhood’s traditions, to tech-worker newcomers drawn to the neighborhood’s buzz. As we walk, they all meet each other to ask: What does it mean to belong to a place in the midst of unprecedented change?


Also! To all our Android-using friends: You’ll be able to take Detours by the end of the month! Our Android app will be available on Google Play in just a few weeks.

Join us in the Mission on June 18th:

Next Saturday, June 18th, we’ll be co-hosting a group Detour event in the Mission with KQED. Reserve tickets through our Eventbrite listing to join the producers and narrators of this Detour for a group walk in celebration of the project. Thirty of those tickets are also good for admission to an afternoon party at Precita Eyes Mural Studios after the walk! This event is open to iPhone AND Android users — all tickets include a free access code to the tour for that weekend and advance access to the Android app. Details will be emailed to you with your Eventbrite confirmation before the event.

See you on 24th Street!

~ Team Detour