Use Detour to make your own audio tour

This May, we launched Detour Platform with SFMOMA as our first partner. We followed that in November with our partnership with Airbnb.

Today, we’re starting to allow anyone to use the Detour Platform to make their own location-based audio experience. Interested in giving it a try? Request an invite to the private beta.

Detour Platform FAQ

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How do I create a tour?

To create a tour, you’ll use Descript, our Mac app for mapping, scripting, and producing audio content. Descript then makes it easy to publish your tour directly to the Detour app.

How will I distribute my tour?

Once your tour is published, you’ll have a link you can use to share and promote your tour.

Can I charge people to take my tour?


How much does it cost?

During our private beta, you can create audio tours in Descript for free, and up to 100 people can take your tour at no charge. If you plan to do higher volume or charge for your tour, contact our platform team.