The Gloriously Adorable Planters of Waku Waku Island.

I often wonder whether or not to follow a large number of accounts on Instagram. Sure, I’m trying to build a following, but at the same time, I also want to make solid connections and not just cast a large net, so-to-speak. But every now and then, one will post something truly valuable and remind me exactly why a large net can be useful. That’s what happened with the @nintenolife account. Their feed mostly consists of pretty arrangements of Nintendo products, but recently, they reposted something from an Etsy artist. The image they reposted is the one at the top of this post. A little pikachu, resting atop a planter made from an old Game Boy.

The image immediately caught my eye. Firstly, it features a mix of many of my favorite things- 1st Gen Pokemon, the Nintendo Game Boy, and system modification. But beyond that, I just found it to be really creative! I had never seen anyone make a little planter out of a Game Boy before. So needless to say, I immediately checked the photo’s comment for artist information and a profile link.

Long-story-short, the artist is a user by the name of @WakuWakuIsland, and she makes these adorable little fake-succulent planters. They’re made of Game Boy shells, with the screen cavity acting as a sort of gravel-filled pot. The cool thing is that everything is fake. So for unintentional plant murderers like myself, this is greenery that can be confidently displayed without fear of neglect. Decorative elements mostly consist of Pokemon (appropriate, given the choice of console), but she also makes some that only feature flora.

Check out some of the pieces below!

Maybe it’s because I’m in the process of moving into a smaller place, and suddenly, space is like the biggest concern in my life- but I think that these little planters are the PERFECT addition to any home or office. I’ll definitely be grabbing one once things calm down.

If you’d like to pick one up for yourself, head over to her Etsy page. She also makes other crafts, including hats and some awesome Studio Ghibli pieces!

Also, don’t forget to give her a follow, if you like what you saw.