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5 min readJul 8, 2023
An easy migration User Interface with pre-defined migration settings. Advanced mode with custom migration settings will also be available.

Migrate your DEUS ecosystem tokens here.

Update 01/01/2024

Migration to SYMM is now CLOSED.


  • SYMMIO ($SYMM) has a capped supply of 880m tokens.
  • 85% of the total supply (748m) is for user migration, and 15% is for farming incentives.
  • Of this 748m:
    - All DEUS ecosystem tokens migrated to SYMM equally share 680m $SYMM linearly unlocking over one year from TGE; and
    - Early migrated DEUS ecosystem tokens to SYMM additionally equally share 68m unlocked at TGE, a valuable non-inflationary incentive to migrate early.
    - The 15% farming will be deployed over 4 years from TGE.
  • bDEI and legacyDEI to DEUS swaps are not instant. More information to be released in Q4 with swaps anticipated to occur late Q3 or during Q4.
  • The destination chain for migrations is Arbitrum.

Moving forward, retaining the value, and allowing stakeholders a free choice.

Non-inflationary incentives

We have designed our whole tokenomics and incentives as non-inflationary.

  • After the Token Generation Event (TGE), vesting will ensure the high profitability of unlocked tokens — unlocked tokens get all SYMM revenues.
  • We additionally want to incentivize early migration by granting early migrators with all initial liquidity — 10% of SYMM locked supply, that is, 68m SYMM.

The value of early liquidity

Having tokens available at launch rather than vested is very profitable early — if they stake them, they will earn all early-stage SYMM profits. They can also resell them after launch when interest in SYMM spikes.

Whatever the fraction of early migrators, we expect this 10% liquid “bonus” to be worth much more than the DEUS staking rewards lost by migrating early.

Benefits for SYMM and DEUS teams, projects, and holders

Early migration is one of the tools that will help us approximate the relative interest for the SYMM and DEUS projects in the community.

Early migration also benefits each project separately:

  • The Symm project will benefit from early support and commitments & more liquidity will be available at TGE therefore early migrators too!
  • The Deus holders will benefit as well from a lower Deus supply. Firstly, early migrators reduce the need for inflationary xDeus rewards. Secondly, a lower Deus supply increases the boosting power of veNFTs.

Overall, we expect our migration plan to impact the projects positively during the migration phase.

The bonus mechanics and calculations

Any deposit done now until the closing of the early migrator is considered early; any deposit after that date is considered late.

Early migrators get the 10% early SYMM liquidity as a “bonus” relative to late migrators.

Denote f is the fraction of early migrators. Early migrators get a 10% / f liquidity bonus on top of their vesting tokens:

  • if all migrators migrate early, they get a 10% early liquidity bonus
  • if 50% migrate early and 50% late, they get a 20% early liquidity bonus
  • if only 10% migrate early, they get a 100% early liquidity bonus

For instance, if 40k DEUS migrate early and 40k DEUS migrate late:

  • each migrated DEUS gets 680M/(40k+40k)= 8.5k vesting SYMM
  • early DEUS migrated early gets 68M/40k = 1.7k unlocked SYMM at TGE

See detailed formulas in Appendix.

Token Migration ratios

The migration process has been designed to be as straightforward as possible for all users. As part of this process, all balances will be converted to DEUS before being converted to SYMM.

The migration includes the following conversions

  1. xDEUS to DEUS
  2. LegacyDEI to DEUS
  3. bDEI to DEUS

please note that only legacyDEI and bDEI
obtained prior to 7th june can be used to migrate & migration for fantom based legacyDEI and bDEI is mandatory.

bDEI obtained on arbitrum can also migrate at the same rate. (reimbursed bDEI from 5th may DEI Incident here:

With the following token exchange ratios, taken as June 7th-July 5th price averages:

  1. xDEUS tokens: Each xDEUS token will be swapped for one DEUS token at a 1:1 ratio.
  2. LegacyDEI tokens: LegacyDEI tokens will be swapped for DEUS tokens at a rate of 217 LegacyDEI per DEUS token.
  3. bDEI tokens: Appreciating the bDEI holders, we propose a 15% bonus on the swap rate. Thus, bDEI will be swapped at 185 bDEI per DEUS token.

please note that we will use snapshot data from your wallet to define your bDEI / legacyDEI stake. bDEI-legacyDEI LPs will be counted as bDEI.
It’s not recommended to buy bDEI later to get a better ratio.
the improved ratio for bDEI holders is those who are affected by the original legacyDEI depeg. If you were affected and held LP we will count your LP as bDEI.

The combined DEUS tokens will then be converted to SYMM or returned as DEUS.

The DEUS to SYMM ratio will depend on the number of migrated DEUS.

For example, if 100,000 DEUS migrate in total, and 680M SYMM + 68M SYMM early migrator bonus SYMM are available for distribution, the conversion ratio would be 6,800 SYMM per DEUS locked and 680 SYMM unlocked at TGE, a total of 7480 SYMM per DEUS.

Conversely, if 200,000 DEUS were to migrate, the conversion ratio would decrease to 3,400 SYMM per DEUS locked, and 340 SYMM per DEUS unlocked at TGE, a total of 3,740 SYMM per DEUS and so forth.

This methodology has been previously discussed in detail.

Appendix: Detailed formulas

(1) vesting_symm_per_deus = 680m / total_deus_migrated

Every single Deus migrated transforms into the same number of vested Symm at TGE.

(2) user_vesting_symm = 680m / total_deus_mirgated * user_deus_migrated.

So each user’s vesting Symm at TGE is (2) = (1) * user_deus_migrated

(3) liquid_bonus_on_early_migrated_deus = user_unlocked_symm / user_vesting_symm = 10% / fraction_migrate (early / total) = 10% * total_deus_migrated / early_deus_migrated

liquid_bonus_on_late_migrated_deus = 0

Each user gets the same liquid bonus per early migrated Deus and none per late migrated Deus.

(4) The most essential info for the early migration ui is the early migration bonus. During the early migration phase, it can only be estimated depending on assumptions for total migration.

The most optimistic early migrator bonus is estimated by assuming ALL DEUS is eventually late migrated. The most realistic is estimated by assuming the share of DEUS migrated approximates answers to a poll to be conducted on the Deus channel next week

  • Max_liquid_bonus_% = 10% * total_deus_supply / current_early_deus_migrated
  • Max_liquid_bonus_% = 10% * poll_migrate_ratio * total_deus_supply / current_early_deus_migrated

(5) Details:

  • total_deus_migrated = early_migrate + late_migrate

Early migrators that use the “do as the average user” option are counted in as early