How to setup .env variables to your Svelte JS app

Feb 23, 2020 · 2 min read

Most of the time writing apps required configuration variables based on environments like local, QA, stage, and production.

In Svelte JS we can use node modules dotenv and @rollup/plugin-replace to get the environment variables on client-side code.

Let see the implementations as step by step

Step 1: Install the following node modules as a dev dependency

npm install --save-dev dotenv @rollup/plugin-replace

Step 2: Add .env file into your project root

Our .env file should look like this

API_CLIENT_KEY= 2314233453451232

Step 3: Update the rollup.config.js file

import the node modules (dotenv, @rollup/plugin-replace)

Here is the rollup.config.js file


Adding replace() inside plugins. It is used to find the defined properties, and replace them into the value at compile time.

So we parsed the dotenv config() variables as JSON.stringify() object inside replace().

If we don't want to parse all the declared variables in the .env file, we can use required ones like

//replace() for specific variable import__myapp: JSON.stringify({        
env: {
isProd: production,
API_URL : process.env.API_URL //only using API_URL

Step 4: Access the variables inside Svelte components

const isProd = __myapp.env.isProd
const apiUrl = __myapp.env.API_URL
<h4>{isProd} - {apiUrl}</h4>

Now we can access all the environment variable as if it was a global variable inside our Svelte component.

Dev Note: This technique can be only used the application run completely on the client-side. It is not a recommended approach for Sapper or app running in the server with hydratable options.

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Consider this way we can add environment-specific client-side variables into our awesome Svelte JS app.

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