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CSS Hex Colors Demystified


Colors in CSS

Oh No, Physics!

If you’re too young to get that joke, tough.


Pigment primary colors
Pigment secondary colors
Dark dark dark really dark gray is about as close to black as we’re going to get


Stay with me here; it might get a tad gnarly
Mind officially blown
So light light light really light everything is just white

Back to CSS

Ways to Specify Colors

A Quick Review

Or “ten”
Digits A-F are pronounced, well, like A-F
Hex addition: 9 + 1 = A
Hex addition: F + 1 = 10
Hex counting, 00 to FF


Hex black, white, and primary colors
Hex secondary colors
Hex primary and secondary half-light shades

Pop Quiz

Practical Examples

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4



Some folks get it… some folks don’t

Resources (sites)



Resources (tools)

Integrated with editors/HATs





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Dave Gash

Dave is a retired technical publications specialist and has been a frequent speaker at User Assistance conferences around the world since 1998.