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  • Get an API key from WebPageTest by filling out the simple form here.
  • Go to the Config tab.
  • Replace the API key in cell B1 with your own.
  • In the “URL 1” tab, replace the URL in column B1 with the URL you want tested.
  • If you want to test more URLs, copy the URL 1 tab. You can test as many as 10 URLs. Just make sure that the name of each tab starts with “URL”.
  • Under the “Tools” menu, select “Script Editor”. A new browser tab will open.
  • In that new tab, go to the “Edit” menu and choose “Current project’s triggers”. A new tab will appear.
  • In that new tab, click on “+ Add Trigger” or “create a new trigger” toward the bottom. Under “Select event source”, choose “Time-driven”. Under “Select type of time based trigger”, I recommend that you choose “Week timer”, so that this runs once per week. The dialog should look like this:



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