web.dev status update, 29th Nov 2018

Hey folks,

It’s been a couple weeks since our last update so we wanted to check-in and let you know what we’ve been up to 🐝

Where can I file a bug? 👾

We opened up our GitHub repo earlier this week.

If you think you’ve found a bug, you can file it in our issue tracker. We’ve also added a “File a bug” link to the footer that appears on every page.

Why is my score different when I run Lighthouse in DevTools versus web.dev? 🤔

web.dev’s measure tool is using the new PageSpeed Insights v5 API which is powered by Lighthouse. By default, the API uses mobile emulation, simulating network latency and a slower mobile CPU. The settings are explained a bit in this GitHub issue and we plan to make add an explainer to the measure tool to make this more clear.

In the meantime, when you run Lighthouse locally be sure to set Device emulation to Mobile and Throttling to Simulated Fast 3G, 4X CPU Slowdown.

Where are the accessibility guides?

We’ve started rolling out our accessibility content and we should have more coming out soon. We’re also working on a patch to improve the focus styles on the site so they’re more distinct 👍

Other issues we are tracking 🏗

Frequent Error: 500s from the Lighthouse API.
This should be fixed and it looks like the error rate is down to <1% 🎉

PWAs marked as not being PWAs
The Lighthouse team is still working on this one. For the time being we’ll leave these audits off.

Sites that use HTTP/2 being reported as not using HTTP/2
The Lighthouse team is still working on this one as well. This audit is also disabled for now.