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The Single Biggest Reason Most Entrepreneurs Fail

and 5 Things You Should Do to Overcome It

Exactly two years ago today, I woke up at 5 in the morning. Yes, I…

3 User Onboarding Hacks You Aren’t Using

Email, push notification, and text message tricks to onboard web and mobile app users (examples & pics)

6 Analytics Tools for Web & Mobile Apps 

Tools to help you track everything in your mobile app or web app that aren’t Google Analytics. 

Whiteboard and the Coding Interview

Why is coding without a keyboard helpful.

Skills to probe during technical assessment.

Three Classrooms Incubator

Development, product, execution.

Good startup trainings and incubators are rare.

The Future of Data Engineering

What would happen after SQL is no more.

I believe SQL would:

  • Exist in 5 years,

Launch your Angular JS development on a solid structure



As our webapps become larger, frameworks like Angular JS play an important role in web development.

Angular is modular by nature. Yet when you start to use Angular to build real world apps with reusable components you realize the angular-seed

Hacking New York

Ramblings on a decade of hacking, software engineering and web development

I studied Journalism in college, graduating in 2003. I was…

How to Receive User Feedback and Benefit from It

Unless you’re the next Steve Jobs and you think you know better than everyone else, you should seize any opportunity to receive customer…

To Engineering Recruiters

We can help! This is a genuine offer; other similar opportunities are low-quality scam!

Some recruiters, that reach out to…

Dependency Injection Containers

This article is a continuation of “Understanding Dependency Injection”. We will create a simple D.I.C. and illustrate how it works.

Migrating from PHP to Node.js

A UI Developer’s experience.

I’ve been developing web apps in PHP for years but recently have been building more iOS apps. When I move…

Custom Emails from a Spreadsheet

Humanizing the Google Apps Script

For non-technical people venturing into the startup space, tools like Excel might be more…


Or: “why talk to people if I work with computers?”

I could start this little article wondering about how man is a social being by nature, but you already…

Understanding Dependency Injection

Do you often hear about this concept but avoid to understand what’s about? Give it a shot!

Understanding Dependency…

VideoSync: A Hackbright Project

Automatically Synchronizing Crowd-Sourced Concert Videos

My journey to becoming a software engineer began at Hackbright Academy, where I built a VideoSync web application to automatically synchronize and play crowd-sourced video clips. A user can provide YouTube links or upload videos of the same song, and play back the…


Yes. This has to do with Software. Bear with me (or blame Adrian for saying this was a good idea).

What do we know about Stonehenge?

User Communities for Web Apps: 15 Amazing Examples

How to Build User Communities for Curation, Sharing and Helping

How-To: Continuous Integration for PHP Engineers 

A guide to CI: from reasons for practicing to configuring and assessing final results

Why am I Angry with the Video Game Industry in Turkey?

A Story of Plagiarism

I am Murat Pak, a director, a designer, an artist and recently a game developer; recognized mainly in motion design industry with my public work. I’ve won many awards over the years, worked with countless big brands, and many notable directors. I want to keep this part short. Feel free to…

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