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Online Learning Nowadays

Kubilay Çağlayan
Jul 15, 2020 · 6 min read

It has been 5 months since I have participated in one of the best modern schools in the world and more than a year since I have actively started to learn software development.

Since then, I have enrolled in these events:

  1. Udemy Python Course (50 hours, Paid, Teacher)
  2. SQL Course (120 hours, Paid, Teacher) • Dropped Out
  3. Front-end Bootcamp (60 hours, Free, Teacher) • Dropped Out
  4. Microverse (1500+ hours, Paid, No-Teacher)

Education is the very act of transferring the only thing we can transfer from a person to another person, that is “information”.

In this article, I will share insights about my experiences and then I will tell you why Microverse’s education system is probably the best of its kind.

Bootcamps And Traditional Courses

You must have noticed the “dropped out” tags! Yes, I couldn’t take them for more than a few hours. Here’s why…

SQL course was paid, it was from a reputable association and there was an experienced teacher.

The Bootcamp was giving the chance to get lectures from a teacher and also it was free after a series of interviews.

So what was wrong? A couple of things, starting with time management. Starting on a previously scheduled time and then finishing on a previously scheduled time shouldn’t be hard, right? But the reality was different, there were 15 minutes of delays, and talks about when we should have a break during the lectures, etc…

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In the circumstances where you have a teacher, you must be really curious and questioning about the curriculum. Because you don’t like to lose yourself in the narrator's daydreams. Yes, it happens. It is not uncommon to see educators have no clue about how they are implementing the curriculum.

My efforts to learn the content of the curriculum still stays uncovered. This led me to think that the lessons we're taking, were actually happening with an improvisational behavior.

Huh? This is not approved unless the teacher is the very best in his/her area.

Another very important downside of taking lessons from a teacher is that you are going to have a filtered reality. Imagine you went all the way long into the future, become a teacher, and imagine the things that you are not going to tell your students. This is your personal filter in your mind which is a very natural process of human psychology. But it kills versatility. And it kills it only if you are lucky, most of the time it does so much more than that.

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Schematic diagram of a general communication system(A Mathematical Theory of Communication)

A teacher builds a bridge between you and the source of the information. This is unnecessary if you can get to the source by yourself with a good roadmap. According to Shannon, every transfer process has a distortion effect. A teacher adds more stops(destinations) to your information transfer. And it grants distortion.

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Asking questions during the lectures is also a killer of the flow. In a well-prepared curriculum, there is no room for questions. But in a crowded classroom, there are many people coming from different backgrounds. Too much to handle the questions. It is almost impossible to make them move at the same pace. This also creates a reason for anxiety when someone doesn’t understand the topic. Although there is nothing wrong with having questions, the system is not allowing you to get answers.

Also, not funny jokes, political ironies, local stories, and many more distracting points during the lecture makes it irresistibly inefficient.

So, what to do? Believe me, when you are asking a question, it doesn’t matter how high entropy it has, you are not the first one who asked that.

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Microverse is an online school.
We heard that a lot before, but this is a more flourished form of it.

When I first selected to be a student in this school I really couldn’t imagine it was such a fit for my taste of learning.

First things first, I don’t have a teacher. And when I say I don’t have a teacher I mean I have a lot of them. If the teacher is a person who can teach me what I need then I have hundreds of teachers.

When I don’t have only one living source of information but so many, I feel the potential that the information is vivid, dynamic, and it’s everywhere. This puts me in a kind of attacking mode to get it from the best possible sources.

Here’s a list of my teachers:

  1. My Coding Partners
    They always know something that I don’t know. It doesn’t matter how old they are, it doesn’t matter who they are.
  2. My Mentor
    My mentor is a senior student who is more experienced than me and always there to break my blockers.
  3. My Stand-up Team
    My peers in the program, moving at a similar pace. When we are having our daily meetings, sharing blockers and daily achievements teach me a lot.
  4. My Old Coding Partners
    It is incredible to see how different people can take different pathways even when they are moving with the same roadmap. So there is always a good, renewed gift for me in my old treasure chests.
  5. Me, Myself
    I am the main driving force of my daily progress. I look at my holy path, moving to the next stop. I am reading, watching, talking, creating, failing, trying again.

Learning just can’t get any more vivid, inciting. In a way that puts you in an irrefutable action to get what you should get and to do what you should do. No passive listening. No static mindsets. It is a pool of information, distributed evenly, with clear roadmaps, with students always on the road who are walking and progressing daily.

I have the source documents to read and learn. There is no transmitter between me and the source of information.

There’s no chance to be flexible about time management since every log is being monitored.

You get to know a lot of people from different kinds of places in the world, which eventually teaches you how to communicate and collaborate.

A well-formed curriculum is applied. With a technical curriculum, a professional skills curriculum, and algorithms and data structures curriculum, students are well prepared for what they really need.

Volunteer-based mentorship is very effective in solving blockers that one can have in the software development area.

And moving through the program is only possible by getting approvals to your projects by Technical Support Engineers. You will get in-depth feedback in case you fail.

As one can see, most of the inadequacies of our ancient education system has been patched by Microverse.

With the increasing speed of change, learning will be a real challenge in the following years. Microverse is surely going to be a really important pusher in this field.

Time to time, I hear people are calling Microverse is a “Bootcamp”.
This is not correct. But I cannot define it with our regular vocabulary too.

The best I can say is that I think, Microverse is an online, modern school, with so many well-crafted features to help anyone to become a full-stack software developer. Singularity is near and the Microverse is a great accelerator.

Feel free to get in touch with me, you can ask questions and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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From the first week of the program, me and my first coding partner.
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I was taking notes when Ariel was talking on our monthly great student assembly meeting.

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Kubilay Çağlayan

Written by

Dev Genius

Coding, Tutorials, News, UX, UI and much more related to development

Kubilay Çağlayan

Written by

Dev Genius

Coding, Tutorials, News, UX, UI and much more related to development

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