Why did I start teaching myself to code?

If you never learn how to crawl first, you’ll never learn how to walk.

Eugene Goh
Mar 5 · 5 min read
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Let’s take a look back at 2020, look how many people are getting fired from their job due to COVID-19. Even I have friends & relatives impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic mostly in the travel industry.

Let me tell you about my experience when I was first starting out learning how to code and constantly banging the wall, I’ll bring you time travel along with me back to when it was September 2020. I started learning how to code on my own when my country (Malaysia) went into lockdown, schools were forced to close down due to Movement Control Order. Schools adopted remote learning. Literally, I was so free at home, I always think about what I want to do in the future? Is this how life is? Without thinking twice, I started teaching myself to code. Why do I started it?

1) Prepare me for the future

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This is pretty self-explanatory. Some of you might say I’ll learn in my Uni/College years.

Well, for me, I would rather teach myself during my teen years how to code and create things on my own without begging others to help me out. In addition to the sense of accomplishment, trust me learning a new skill, learning to code can also help you feel a sense of purpose in life.

Coding is a super great skill to add to my resume in the future as I’m in high school right now. I always tell myself to think for the long term, not the short term.

2) My school doesn’t teach coding

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Yes! You hear it right, my school doesn’t teach coding to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, some schools do teach coding but not mine. Without any coding background, I decided to try out Code Foundation course on Codecademy.

Turn out the Code Foundation course was pretty fun I got to interact with a bunch of things from intro to programming, playing with HTML & CSS, to what you can do in programming field.

The best part for me was I’m able to gain a plethora of knowledge just by self-learning during the lockdown period in my country compared to what I have learned in school.

Of course, I also use different resources, not just Codecademy, I also use FreeCodeCamp & YouTube.

3) Coding teaches me to think

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“ Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think

— Steve Jobs

I totally agreed with Steve Jobs’s quote, coding tremendously putting pressure on me.

Coding teaches me how to think critically, algorithmically, and in the right way. I was able to teach myself to calm down, be patient and break the problems into smaller pieces, I have experienced that when I was doing projects on my own, sometimes I’m stuck in implementing some logic using JavaScript. I struggled a lot when I was starting out.

By breaking down problems into its chunks, I’m able to define the problem using constraints (I have to figure out what’s going to go in and what’s going to come out of my code), I have to be precise, and I have to have a full understanding of all of the components of the problem and its solution in order to solve the problem.

This defines and disassembles approach to problem-solving is something that is very applicable to problems across many fields, especially in science and mathematics.

One piece of advice, if you can’t solve your problem just try to Google it.

4) Network & Make Friends

My friend from Belgium
My friend from Belgium
One of my friend from Belgium

I might be stuck at home, but there are a bunch of thriving coding communities out there I can join.

I’m pretty sure many of us teach ourselves to code during the lockdown.

With this being said, many of us for sure will join an online community and get along and make friends.

For me, I was able to make friends from all over the world including friends from the United Kingdom, Belgium, and more. Once you get into the coding community, you may be surprised by just how many people are learning to code just as you.

So do share your coding goals or what you’re currently working on with friends you have made to keep in touch with them, it might turn out to be he/she could be your business partner too in the future. No one knows…

Keep in mind learn new skills together, because when one teaches two learn.

To wrap things up

In conclusion, coding might be the right choice for you if you want to build things that you always wanted for a long time, or maybe you just want to make friends and enhance your thinking skills.

No matter what, when you dive into coding you should get rid of the sense of giving up when encountered problems in your coding journey, there’s always a solution to a particular problem. So if you want to start coding, I would say -> JUST START!

There’s no better time than teaching yourself to code now. JUST DO IT!

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Dev Genius

Coding, Tutorials, News, UX, UI and much more related to development

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Eugene Goh

Written by

17-years-old programmer & student. Sharing knowledge what I have learned.

Dev Genius

Coding, Tutorials, News, UX, UI and much more related to development

Eugene Goh

Written by

17-years-old programmer & student. Sharing knowledge what I have learned.

Dev Genius

Coding, Tutorials, News, UX, UI and much more related to development

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