Checking if string contains emojis or dingbats characters in Swift

Slim Ben Nasrallah
Mar 20, 2017 · 1 min read
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Just recently, in one our iOS apps, we’ve had to implement a system to check if strings had emojis in order to parse them, and it is as simple as :

extension String {

var containsEmoji: Bool {
for scalar in unicodeScalars {
switch scalar.value {
case 0x1F600...0x1F64F, // Emoticons
0x1F300...0x1F5FF, // Misc Symbols and Pictographs
0x1F680...0x1F6FF, // Transport and Map
0x2600...0x26FF, // Misc symbols
0x2700...0x27BF, // Dingbats
0xFE00...0xFE0F: // Variation Selectors
return true
return false



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