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Devagnos Summer Internships 2017

First Of All, Let’s Be Clear, interns at Devagnos don’t fetch coffee. They don’t file papers or do massages to seniors (well not all the time at least for the last one). They work on real projects that have a real impact on our company, our products, and our customers. You’ll leave our offices with new technical, creative, and business skills and having accomplished something significant.

As an intern, you’ll work with a mentor in the company. That person will be your go-to for questions and guidance about your project, about Devagnos, and about the industry in general. You’ll participate in our brainstormings with the entire company.

All internships require a commitment of 8–12 weeks of full time work between May and August 2016 (we’re flexible on start/end dates, planned vacations, etc.).

About you

We’re hiring interns interested in working on programming, product design, operations, marketing, and data.

Regardless of role, there are a few key things we’re looking for in interns:

  • You are independent and self-driven. Devagnos is built on the concept of being a team of managers of one, and that applies to interns as well. You’ll get plenty of support and guidance from your mentor and the rest of the team, but no one will be telling you how to spend each minute of your day, so it’ll be up to you to make sure you’re making forward progress.
  • You are an excellent communicator. We write a lot at Devagnos — we write for our products, we write for our marketing sites and initiatives, and most importantly, we write as our primary way of communicating internally. Clear and effective communication is essential to being successful at Devagnos
  • You have fresh ideas and you’re willing to share them. We don’t know it all, and we actively want to hear fresh ideas and perspectives that we haven’t considered.
  • You’re eager to learn. You’ll dive right in to new technologies, new approaches, and new concepts and apply them to your work.

The projects

As an intern at Devagnos, you’ll work on one of the following projects directly with a mentor.

  • Backend Programming: Research and implement enterprise level solutions in Ruby on Rails, NodeJS technologies, Symfony 2 & 3, and Python.
  • Frontend Programming: Frontend solutions : Angular2, ReactJS and EmberJS.
  • Mobile Programming: Mobile applications made for human conviviality based on native Android and iOS code or hybdrid technologies (ionic and react native).
  • Programming: Work on challenging and promising projects from heavy data manipulation to internet of things projects.
  • Programming: Change the way people find information internally at Devagnos by unifying various internal search tools into a single source of all the information people need to respond to customer problems. You’ll talk to internal clients, survey the state of the world, and then build out a solution.
  • Project Management: Learn and experience team and project management, how to make progress reports, write sprint reviews, and organise proefficient meetings
  • Design: Understand how people interact with interfaces. You’ll work to structure the problem, identify the data that you need, and create unique user experiences to solve those.
  • Design: Design improved workflows for our internal support tools and implement them as Rails views using HTML and CSS.
  • Marketing: Help us target a specific industry (or “vertical”) by picking an industry, identifying the various stakeholders who are involved, interviewing them, and building out a sample product to demonstrate how Devagnos can help them accomplish their work. You’ll launch your work and then measure the impact of that work on the targeted vertical.
  • Marketing: Identify what people are saying about products on social media by using your analytical and digital marketing skills to help determine both quantitative and qualitative ways for us to know what people are saying about our customers. Are they generally happy? Satisfied? What are they talking about? How can we measure our impact? Community management done right
  • Operations: System administration and clients applications deployment on cloud or virtual machines (AWS, Azure, …)
  • Operations: Upgrade our hardware provisioning process so we have a fully automated process to take a server from the point of arriving at our datacenter to being production ready.
  • Operations: Make it easy for new people to come on board or set up a new computer by figuring out how to run everything you need for development in a virtual machine or container.

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Devagnos is specialized in web based solutions and mobile applications, we provide top of the edge solutions with the latest worldwide renowned technologies.

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