Tips To KickStart 2016 On The Bright Side of The Force — The LinkedIn Profile Boost How-to

Slim Ben Nasrallah
Dec 24, 2015 · 4 min read

As 2016 approches, some tends to salute a win-win year, some others are looking to forget about it and hope for a better starting, in all cases when it comes to efficient people it’s time to summarize what has been learnt from the past experiences and make lessons out of it.

1 — First rule of all

“A LinkedIn profile, you shall have”

At the wake of 2016, if you belong to the extreme minority of self respectful professionals deprived of the visibility provided by the just mentioned social network, it means that you are off-to go with a heavy disadvantage.

Let people that matter hear from you, get to know you and why not interact with you. As a matter of fact, it’s where employers, investors and almost half of the world’s millionaires thrive.

However, this is not a deploy and forget solution to put out there and wait for the mojo to happen, you have to build your page and make it worth noticing. That’s what I am going to explain today.

“A LinkedIn profile, you shall have”

2 — The Profile Picture’s Importance

According to the LinkedIn staff itself, having a profile picture could get you to 14 times more profile views. It may be not the suit and tie type, but it should reflect your style and personality in a professional manner. It has to be meaningful.
Yet, in no case should you be posting a SELFIE

3 — Be Bold, Be a Show Off

4 — Make a projects’ portfolio out of your page

The importance of this section lays in the exhibition of creativity and expertise for people that need to prove they know their stuff.

Do not be afraid to enlist your experiences, add team members, collaborators and tag them, the more you do, the more visible/prone to be hired you are. It’s all about being socially and professionally sexy.

5 — Starve for recommendations

Recommendations are on another level compared to endorsements and bear a much heavier weight, be sure to only take recommendations from trustworthy persons as their pictures and profile links are going to be seen on your page.

6 — Your Summary, Your Pitch Fire

Many people tend to think lightly of their summary on their LinkedIn profiles, which is a shame, because this is the only part where you can talk about yourself as a person, get us to know about you, in a non robotic way.

7 — Join Groups

“Let a thousand flowers blossom — Guy Kawasaki”

Doing so lets you be seen as an active part, a reference in that niche and one less step away from achieving the perfect professional reputation in your field of expertise.

According to LinkedIn, that way your profile is five times more likely to be viewed and leading to engagement.

Join groups, it’s all about being social, active, and proving your value


Devagnos is specialized in web based solutions and mobile applications, we provide top of the edge solutions with the latest worldwide renowned technologies.

Slim Ben Nasrallah

Written by

CEO & Founder @devagnos



Devagnos is specialized in web based solutions and mobile applications, we provide top of the edge solutions with the latest worldwide renowned technologies.

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