Hey Developer, Give me your API keys.!!

Devansh batham
Jul 18, 2018 · 4 min read


This is just another friendly article, without any secret “Ninja” techniques..!!

Credits : thanks to security team of Infoziant Labs for consistent support..!

DISCLAIMER : In this blog post I am not gonna talk about any advance stuff ,neither any secret techniques, this blog is all about , how developers sometimes make silly mistakes..(after all developers are human too :P )!!

Now, some of you might say , :

Okay, okay . Hold on ..!! and read the full article..!!

Every year we notice data breaches,hacks,ransomware attacks on big IT giants , In most of the hacks , the reasons are Server side system vulnerabilties,Client side flaws of the application, and social engineering too..!!

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But there are few cases in which the reasons of these kind of attacks are just some silly mistakes made by developers, Like : leaving their secret API keys,AWS secret Keys,Mysql credentials,their slack channel’s credentials in their public respositories,

even am not an expert though

Later on in this post I will show you one of my recent findings , which illustrates how I found a secret api key of Crowdin’s test project , and succesfully pwned their test project. [The issue is Fixed now]

What worse can be done..!

In the past I had seen some cases, where developers left hardcoded credentials in android application of their company , which later gave me access to their admin dashboard,

credits to the creator of this meme :p

Some developers encode the api keys using Base64, and think the attacker will not be able to find the API keys, I mean are they serious, Base64 encoding is not the solution to these issues, Base64 encoded API keys can easily be decoded..!!

CREDITS TO “Rojan Rijal” for his blog post : https://sites.google.com/securifyinc.com/rojanrijal/finding-leaked-sensitive-data

Now let me narrate an interesting incident..!

“How I got complete access to Crowdin’s testproject[RUBYTESTAPI]” ..!!

What Crowdin is ?

“Crowdin is a localization management platform designed to automate localization within agile software development. With more than 1,000, 000 user accounts, platform is used by development companies in 140 countries”.

‘-for more info about crowdin read this : https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/crowdin-'

I decided to test crowdin for vulnerabilties , because they offer cool goodies pack for valid vulnerabilties..!!

So I started finding some code level bugs in their github respositories , Soon I ended up with a page that is discosing their secret API key , here : https://github.com/crowdin/crowdin-api/blob/master/bin/console

api_key = ‘79323cdcd6b4566154c4fb9c6bbd3be1’
project_id = ‘rubytestapi’
base_url = ‘https://api.crowdin.com'

Note : This API key is now expired,

As you can see above I got api_key and project_id .At that moment ,I have no idea , How I can use this api key for accessing their project.. So I started reading their API docs here : https://support.crowdin.com/api/api-integration-setup/

Soon I found that I can takeover their project : “rubytestapi” , using API_key,

After reading their API docs , I am all set to takeover their test project.

For enumerating Project Details of their project “rubytestapi” , the request will be :

GET https://api.crowdin.com/api/project/{project-identifier}/info?key={project-key}

NOTE : the project-identifier is “rubytestapi” and the project-key is “79323cdcd6b4566154c4fb9c6bbd3be1” ,

When I sent that GET request using burp , I got a 200 OK response , and complete details of their project(“rubytestapi”)


full info of their project “rubytestapi”

Now what can I do with their project (“rubytestapi”)

I can add files,delete files,upload translation,check translation status, and many other things (see here : https://support.crowdin.com/api/info/), In short, I had complete access to their project,

credits to the creator of this meme :p

Soon after the discovery , I first sent an email to crowdin to confirm that the rubytestapi project is owned by them or not. And within few minutes I got this response :

So it is clear that the project is owned by crowdin..!!

, I reported the issue to them along with Proof of Concept, They triaged and fixed the report within 1 hour(Kudos to them for their awesome response time)

I was rewarded with their Goodies pack , and got listed in their hall of fame :



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