Beyond “hello world” with React Native

Starting a real React Native project can be overwhelming. It’s relatively much easier to get the “Hello world” example running, but going to the next level can be daunting.

Quite a bit of boilerplate organization is needed to give your app a useful data layer, divy up containers or components, set up your stylesheets, and share code between your Android and iOS apps.

That’s why today I’m open sourcing a new starter template which goes beyond just the basic text-on-a-page example app. You can find it on Github at

It’s called “Quickhelp” and it demonstrates how to create & style a form, how to save the contents of the form to a Redux store, and how to use ESLint with AirBNB’s JS standard.

Over time, docs explaining the concepts and decisions made in the template will be added inline. In the meantime, please feel free to add comments here or issues over on Github if you have any ideas or questions.